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  1. Is it dangerous for children to view cartoon?
  2. Should cell phone use be allowed in schools?
  3. should children under the Age Of 7 be allowed to browse internet site?
  4. Should schools strictly enforce dress codes?
  5. Is online education effective?
  6. Should we teach sex education at Anytime before High School?


  1. Should government ban smoking In Public Places?
  2. Should junk food advertising be banned?
  3. Should people have condom to protect them from AIDS/HIV?


  1. Should online poker be legalized in Indonesia?
  2. Do you think abortion is wrong?
  3. Would more severe punishments deter juvenile crime?
  4. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  5. we should stop prostitution
  6. Should the death penalty be repealed?


  1. Should society ban or restrict the sale and play of video games?
  2. Is gender equality possible?
  3. Would you dump the girl/guy you love because your mother doesn’t like them?
  4. Is religion the best way to control people?


  1. Is economic globalization good for the world?
  2. Is socialism better than capitalism?

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