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So Many Experiences in Fabelia

By Okta (Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan)

FB: Oktavianus Massora Arruan

Good morning friends..!! Before I tell my experiences about my study in Fabelia, I wanna tell myself to you. My name is Oktavianus. I come from Makassar. And my hobby is trying something new.

Well, now I can tell about Fabelia course…

Before I came to Fabelia course, I thought English was so difficult to understand. But after I joined Fabelia, my statement changed. I felt the method in Fabelia was so easy to understand.

I liked all tutors in Fabelia. Because the tutors were not arrogant to the members. If i asked my tutors, they always gave me answers. During I joined Fabelia, I felt English area made me different from the first time I came.

Thanks for all tutors, because you always gave me motivations in Fabelia.

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