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So Many Experiences in Fabelia

By Okta (Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan)

FB: Oktavianus Massora Arruan

Good morning friends..!! Before I tell my experiences about my study in Fabelia, I wanna tell myself to you. My name is Oktavianus. I come from Makassar. And my hobby is trying something new.

Well, now I can tell about Fabelia course…

Before I came to Fabelia course, I thought English was so difficult to understand. But after I joined Fabelia, my statement changed. I felt the method in Fabelia was so easy to understand.

I liked all tutors in Fabelia. Because the tutors were not arrogant to the members. If i asked my tutors, they always gave me answers. During I joined Fabelia, I felt English area made me different from the first time I came.

Thanks for all tutors, because you always gave me motivations in Fabelia.


LPBI Fabulous English Academy (FABELIA) adalah lembaga pendidikan bahasa Inggris di Kampung Inggris Pare. Fokus pada pelatihan speaking dalam waktu singkat, dengan mempelajari aksen American dan British sekaligus. CP: 085 790 784 751 / 085 228 792 286

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