7 Best Steps TO Avoid Being Single [FOREVER]

To Avoid being single;- Are some people left alone forever? Here’s the honest answer … In my spare time, I love nothing more than reading posts on the Internet forum. I look up to discover exactly what the women are up against.

And in my search, I came across an interesting topic on this forum. Women discussed that they would be alone for the rest of their lives.

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I don’t know about you, but I think this is quite a strong conclusion.

Perhaps you have also thought to give up all those men and continue on your own.

All of them have not had an easy time. And yet they have managed to find the love.


Hence, I thought about how to avoid being single. And I found 7 strategies as you can read below. Maybe this article would be helpful, especially for you who still stay single up to now.

Understand “having a partner” & “becoming happy”

Make yourself happier; suppose you were alone for the rest of your life.

Does that mean you will be unhappy for the rest of your life?

No, not in my opinion.

I know enough people who are very happy without a partner. In addition, it is not obvious at all that a relationship will make you happy.

Partners have reason to stay together. Children, a home for sale, a shared history. They break up after all they invested.

Apparently, being in a relationship doesn’t guarantee happiness.

You can be happy without a relationship, and feel very unhappy in a relationship.

Becoming happy in a relationship consists of two separate parts:

  1. Become happy yourself and feel good in your own skin.
  2. Finding a partner who makes your life more enjoyable.

Although these are two different parts, they do go together. If you’re not happy with your own life, having a partner isn’t going to fix that for you.

Don’t use the word “always” anymore!!

You may sometimes tell yourself that you will “always” be alone or “never” find a partner.

Don’t say That ..!!!

That is very definite, isn’t it?

If you think you will “never” get a partner, it is simply not true. And it doesn’t have to take years either.

If you do not leave it to chance and follow these tips that I am going to give you now, you will have a nice man next to you in no time.

Do not have a relationship with the first man you meet !!

I’m not in a relationship because no one likes me or because I don’t like anyone. 

We’ve established that being in a relationship, and finding happiness are two different things. You can be happy without a relationship and unhappy with it.

And if you don’t succeed, it’s a shame, but it won’t kill you.

You are not over if you fail to find a partner. You still have many chances to avoid being single.


You don’t even want to strive for just any partner – but someone who is nice and good for you.

I don’t think a relationship with “just anyone” is certainly better than staying alone. If you think you need a relationship for your happiness in life, you will accept behavior from your partner.

I often see this in women who fall prey to bad men.

Wrong men can do whatever they want, because women don’t put their happiness first.

When those men do nasty things or behave badly, the women subconsciously think “I can’t live without him so I’ll let it happen.”

At that point, however, he is a threat to your happiness, and you better get rid of him.

You should never accept someone you’re dating doing something that makes you unhappy.

He doesn’t have to change his behavior if he doesn’t want to. After all, he is a free person.

But you can set conditions for who you do and do not associate with.

Choose not to spend time with people who treat you badly, or don’t listen to your wishes.

If you learn to put yourself first, and have standards, you will see that your quality of life will improve a lot. You are less vulnerable when a guy tries to make fun of you.

If he doesn’t make you happy, you dare to say “exit”.

Do this before you start dating!

Would you like a relationship?

But is there something in you that is afraid of being single for the rest of your life?

Then I want you to try to deal with that before you throw yourself too eagerly on the men.

The danger is that when you meet a man who likes you, you want to start a relationship right away.

That’s a very bad plan.

If you start dating when you want so badly, you’ll be like a wolf who hasn’t had anything to eat for a month.

Like a starving she-wolf, you will plunge into the first man who shows interest.

The problem is … this will put men off your enthusiasm. He thinks, “ Why does this woman like me so quickly? There must be something wrong with her because she is so easy. ”

It’s incredibly flat. But a man needs to hunt, and a woman who loves everything he does isn’t exactly the most difficult of prey.

That’s why I want you to take a critical look at the other areas of your life before you start dating.

Look at the other aspects of your life. The more you have going for yourself in your life, the less needy you will become in front of a nice man.

What are the other areas you can look at?


How is my social life in general? Do I have nice people around me or do I feel lonely? What steps can I take to get to know nicer people?


Are the family ties where they need to be? Do I want to invest more time in bonding with my parents, grandparents, or other close relatives?


Am I overweight? Do I do a lot of sports? Do I eat healthily? Am I getting enough sunshine and sleep?

Daytime activities.

Do I have work that I like? Am I satisfied with what I have achieved? Or is it time for a new step? Am I making enough money with my work?

All these factors are important to your happiness in life.

Research shows that it is more difficult to be happy when you lack money. And if you have no friends and the ties with your family are bad, your life is also rather unpleasant.

Even if everything seems fine, you can always make improvements. Most people have at least one area that is not running properly. It can be a health or family relationship. Whichever it is, look at it and pay more attention to it.

To avoid being single,,, Make yourself as attractive as possible

Most men dare any woman to speak. The main reason for this is that men are judged harshly when things go wrong.

Addressing a woman is a huge gamble for a man.

It can go right or wrong. And when things go wrong, they feel like the whole bar/train compartment is laughing at them, and they’re huge losers. It becomes a fear for them.

Most men are so afraid of this social rejection that they decide not to approach the woman of their dreams.

Then there is a group of men who dare, but only if they feel that a woman is open to it.

And you can help him with that: Have an attitude that makes it less scary for him to talk to you.

Some men talk to every woman. These are players who are usually not eager to start a relationship.

So be careful with men who are a little too confident for you.

There is one more reason to make yourself as attractive as possible.

Nice men have several women who want a relationship with them. In other words, they have a choice.

Logically, they will eventually go for the woman they like best. And usually, that’s the most attractive woman who knows how to play it. She has learned about male psychology and knows how to give him what he longs for.

Getting into what men want is incredibly attractive. Even if you’re not a prettiest mom, this can make you more attractive.

And if you also manage to make a good first impression, the men will soon be impossible to beat.

Here are some tips to make a great lasting impression on men:

Take a look at your appearance.

Any woman can improve her appearance in such a way that no man can ignore. Dressing feminine, making sure you are fit, and applying a lick of make-up.

Learn what behaviors men find attractive.

Typically, that behavior is what he considers “feminine”. Logical too, because you don’t want a man who acts like a little girl

Know what you want.

A man is attracted to a woman who is not afraid of telling the truth. Especially if he does something you don’t like, it is better to tell him honestly than to be around the bush. Even if you can decide what you want, for example, choose in a restaurant or what you are going to do together, he likes it

Find out what men look for in a relationship.

There is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who knows what he craves and can give it to him convincingly (if she likes him enough)

The best strategy for dating

Make the first date great for him. You have determined what you can improve in your life.

You have taken steps to make this happen.

How do you maximize the chance?

Easy …

Go out with as many men as possible in the shortest possible time.

Most women who want to be in a relationship are waiting for a man. “Men must speak to her. Otherwise, they are not real men.” Or something.

That passive attitude is not ideal.

You do not influence who dares to speak to you. The reality is that many men are not tough enough to do that.

Moreover, you want to have as much choice as possible for men to choose the best one.

From now on, that passive hassle is over.

Below are some ways to make sure you can date as many men as possible in the shortest amount of time:

If you see a nice man, go for it yourself. It doesn’t matter who sees the other first, just get to know each other. Suppose he is the man of your life, and you just let him pass by. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

Accept any invitation from a man that you think is nice. If you don’t find him obnoxious, have a drink with him. You can always get out the back door if he is as much of a loser as you thought.

Do internet dating. This way you get access to men you would otherwise never meet. Any guy who’s a bit of fun gives you a chance. You don’t have to marry him, but you do have to have a coffee.

Get involved in singles parties, speed dating, and anything else that can help you find a partner. Be open-minded and look for new ways to meet someone. Keep looking for new places to meet men until you can schedule a new first date every day of the week.

# Why is it so good to date multiple men?

The more men you meet, the more likely the one will be there. The fewer men you meet, the less likely you are to have a nice boyfriend in the short term.

Dating a lot of men increases the chances of getting into a relationship.

You develop your taste. What exactly is a nice and suitable man for you? And how do you recognize him? By meeting fifty men, you learn what you want to do. That makes it easier to recognize who is right for you.

It’s fun. Dating can be entertaining without directly leading to a relationship. Let a guy do his best for you and practice flirting. That is much more fun than watching television for an evening.

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Develop your standards

If you develop yourself, you will soon have the men you choose. And then the work begins.

Of course, you want that one nice man and not twenty mediocre men.

How do you go from “all choice” to “a relationship with the right one?”

You already know the first step: be proactive. Do not depend on men who approach you, but also learn how you can address men who seem fantastic to you.

This gives you a huge advantage over other women who are waiting.

The second step is to develop standards.

You get that when you date a lot. You learn what you do and don’t want, and what kind of men suit you. You use that to filter.

It means you dump any guy you don’t like enough.

Do not get me wrong. Always give a guy a chance, even if he doesn’t seem like that much to you. But a second chance is only reserved for the top players.

If the first and second dates are deadly boring, there will be no third.

You don’t have to be secretive about that, and you don’t have to pretend you like him, but it doesn’t work any differently. You have every right not to meet up with a guy you don’t like that much.

And the less time you waste on the boring guys, the more time you’ll have for the fun ones (and the more likely you’ll find the right one).

Don’t stay single forever: that’s how you do it

Is this all you can do to avoid staying single forever?

Of course not.

There are a lot of other things that can help you to avoid being single and to end up in love successfully.

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