15+ Optional Ways to Change Your Life [the Best for You]

Change your Life

The life you are living right now is not the life you always dreamed of. You may think the current life is “just fine”, but you notice that something is missing that makes you really happy. Or you’ve made lists so many times and tried new things, but you can’t really change your life. 

Are there things that you really want to change this year, but until now it has often stopped there after a few weeks?

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Do you want to change your life?

Don’t worry, with the steps below, you now can change your life, and reach your goals.

1. Envision your purpose

Everything starts with having concrete and clear for yourself what you want to achieve in order to change your life. So what is your goal in mind?  

2. Make choices

You’ve probably noticed. You have huge energy, you’re sure to change a lot of things in your life. You take the first step and then the feeling ebbs away a bit. You don’t see results fast enough and that means that you come back to the beginning: “it won’t work anyway.” 

Have you ever consciously thought about the choices you make? The Choices that have an influence on changing your life.

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3. Start visualizing


Visualizing is actually nothing more than envisioning your ‘dream scenario’. Try to do this in as much detail as possible! Here you can ask yourself questions such as:

  • What am I doing?
  • Who am I with?
  • What do I see around me?

But more importantly, how do you behave and how do you feel in this ‘dream scenario’? You want to change your life. Does this also mean that you need to change something in your behavior? I will come back to this later in this blog.

Think very carefully: do I really want this? Or: what do I really want? Do not take others into account, also think outside the box that you may (unconsciously) impose on yourself.

Whether you are going to visualize your dream scenario or not, it is important: take the time for yourself to get your dream clear for yourself.

 I know that “take time for yourself” is often said and you may get a little tired of it, but only by really taking time and getting close to your feelings, you will find out what you really want in your life and what you can change. What helps me to dwell on this is meditation. There are special guided meditations for visualization.

Now you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve. And it is time to take that first step. 

You are responsible for your own happiness. No one else will do it for you! Be convinced in this too. Say it out loud. What are you going to change in your life?

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4. No more excuses

The first step to change is knowing what you want to change and the second step is just doing it! Sounds easy and actually it is. 

There are undoubtedly all kinds of reasons why you shouldn’t do it. You might be able to come up with 10 excuses. “It’s not the right time.” “I must first… before I…”. Or you have certain beliefs that hold you back: “If I try something, I never see results. It won’t work anyway.” Well… if you keep thinking this way, nothing will change.

There is only one way to find out how it will work out for you and that is to just do it! And in addition, there are always reasons and excuses to think of why now is not the right time. The time is now! You live now, make that change to your dream life now!

5. See opportunities

A good start: seeing opportunities instead of obstacles. “What’s the worst that could happen?” Always a good question to ask yourself, but perhaps even better: “What happens if I… do? What does it get me and how does it make me feel?”

Think positive things! Think about that one reason why you might succeed? Focus on that. You will notice that it becomes much easier to take the first step.

What could be the first step you can take to change your life? Is this a practical step, such as saving or sending a cover letter? Schedule it and stick to the agreement you have made with yourself.

6. Ask for help

arti virtual

Do you know what you can do to change your life, but don’t know how and are you putting it off? Deadly sin! Asking for help is something that can help you so much on your way. Why would you want to do it all alone?

In the same vein: share your dreams or goals with others. By talking to others about your dreams and goals, you also gain a lot of new inspiration.

And, think to yourself: how often do you give tips to others that you can actually use yourself?

7. Think about what you’re doing 

A lot of people want to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, stop smoking, etcetera. However, it doesn’t always work. 

The more motivated you are, the easier it will be. So think carefully about why you want it. 

What makes you happy, regardless of how it ‘should’ or how it ‘should’? It’s not about achieving a certain number on the scale, it’s about wanting to feel better in your body. Imagine as vividly as possible how nice that would be – you can evoke that feeling when the going gets tough, and it motivates.

8. Be kind to yourself

If you have a clear idea of ​​why you want to achieve your goal, your intention is not a must, but a want. 

That is a much more powerful motivator – because having to do it evokes resistance. And even if you really want something, it sometimes goes ‘wrong’. 

Allow yourself to crawl under a blanket once in a while if you feel the need to (and not to exercise), allow yourself to eat something Very Tasty once a week. By letting go every now and then you stay motivated. Tell yourself regularly that you are doing a good job.

9. Don’t look too far ahead

You usually make resolutions for a whole year, but that doesn’t really make much sense. It is such a long period, it is completely incalculable.

Focus on the next three months – what do you want to have accomplished by then? The moment you succeed, you set a new goal.

10. Remind yourself

Hang up a nice picture of yourself, if you would like to go back to an old friend, so you regularly see what you are doing it for. 

Write an inspiring quote on a card and hang it on your fridge or mirror – somewhere you check regularly. Whatever you do, choose something that motivates you and that does not instill a feeling of ‘must’, but rather the ‘want’!

11. Make it concrete

‘Eating healthier’, ‘taking better care of myself’, ‘connecting with friends’: these are great goals, but they are also very vague. Make it concrete: lose eight kilos, run ten kilometers, meet up with your girlfriend once a month. 

It can be challenging, but also keep it real. If you want to change a habit, remember that the habit didn’t happen overnight.

Once you know your precise goal, you can create a make a plan of action. When are you going to exercise, how are you going to make time for it, when do you need a babysitter, etcetera.

12. Do not give up

No matter how often it falls short, no matter how often you make a choice that you later regret: don’t give up. You do your best, and occasionally slipping is part of it. 

Allow yourself the mistakes, because that’s how you learn. Trial and error is the only way to reach your goal.

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13. Be Confident

love at first sight

By reflecting on the successes you achieve, in other words, the steps that take you further towards the change you want in your life, you experience self-confidence.

And this self-confidence ultimately leads to more growth. You end up in a flow. By writing down what has brought you further to your final goal, you will notice that your actions are actually producing results and that you are doing well!

14. Set priorities

Perhaps most importantly, set priorities. You want to change your life, really do it! Just mentioned above: do you stick to the agreements you have made with yourself and consider the choices you make: will this choice help me further in achieving my dream or goal?

15. Appreciate the small steps

Always sounds so nice, doesn’t it? Respect small beginnings, in time, they create giant changes. Appreciate the small steps forward, the simple victories, all of the little things you do that help keep the momentum moving toward your goals. 

16. Start now!

Start taking the first step today! We love it if you were inspired by this article.

Thanks for reading.

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