7+ Tricks to Chat with a Girl on WhatsApp

Do you recognize that having a Chat with a girl on WhatsApp would be awesome?

Before you get that, imagine you are talking to a very nice girl in the pub. You have a nice talk about everything. But then suddenly the conversation stops.

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You look at each other a little uncomfortably and smile.


Nowadays, so much contact takes place via online chat that such a situation does not occur very often anymore.

But your conversation can also end on Whatsapp!

The ‘silence’ may be less uncomfortable, but still not pleasant.

These tricks below can help you chat with a girl on WhatsApp

Find out in this article how to chat with a girl on Whatsapp, what to do if your conversation stops, the ways to make an appointment, and many others…

Don’t be uncomfortable about the silence

This is “I think” the most important tip of all. How you handle a conversation that grinds to a halt can dramatically influence how a girl feels about you.

Who knows, she might not say anything for a while to test you, it is just possible!

How should you deal with the silence?

The important thing is not to be uncomfortable about the silence.

You may be wondering what I mean by this…

An example of being uncomfortable with the silence is by naming it.

A few examples:

  • Why are not you answering?
  • …?
  • Are you still there?
  • Are you no longer interested or something?
  • Why are not you saying anything anymore?
  • And so on…

It might be understandable to say such a thing when your partner stops responding, but please don’t.

This makes you seem desperate and a bit annoying.

It can be quite annoying if someone immediately reacts offended if you do not answer immediately.

What you still can do is overreact to the fact that she is silent. By ridiculing it, you’re making fun of it, and showing that you don’t mind too much.

Most girls are therefore happy with this.

For example, say something like;

“You haven’t responded for a day now, I’m so devastated I ate a super big-sized Burger last night.”

It depends on the general tone of your conversation whether you can do this. If you don’t joke that often, it’s a better idea not to make such a comment.

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Occasional silence is okay

It is understandable that you want to talk to a nice girl as much as possible. Especially if you have a good click and can laugh with each other, you would prefer to chat with her all day long.

When at a certain moment, a dead moment happens in your chat…

Don’t panic!!

You think like:

  • Why doesn’t she talk to me anymore?
  • Is she no longer interested?
  • Did I say something wrong?
  • Have I gotten boring?
  • Maybe she’s talking to someone else?

Before you let such thoughts rule your brain: stop and relax!

It is very normal to have silence in your chat with a girl on whatsapp.

In fact, if you continuously chat with her, she will get very tired of you at some point.

So it’s okay not to say anything to each other for a few hours. This can also be a day, depending on how often you chat with each other.

My main point is not to rush to try to keep the conversation going.

That can seem very forced, making her less enjoyable to talk with you. Play a little hard to get.

You shouldn’t let the silence last too long. Then she may think that you are no longer interested in her. At such a moment, you can of course easily ask about what she did the day before.

So don’t worry too much about a short silence!

Make her talk with statements

We are all familiar with the principle of question-and-answer. We also all know that this can sometimes feel more like a police interview than a conversation.

That’s why statements are a much better way to get a girl talking!

What you do here is make a statement about the girl in order to provoke a reaction.

These statements almost all start with “You seem like a girl who …” (Just fill in something that you think fits the girl you are talking to.)

Of course, this must be a bit of an educated guess: you can’t just shout something in the hope that you’re right.

For example, if she has often talked about her pet, you could say, “You seem like someone who is very caring.”

The nice thing about such a statement is that you can easily elicit a response. She wants to either confirm the statement or deny it.

If confirmation is nice, then you seem like a kind of psychic who knows exactly who he is talking to.

But denial is also fine: you have a whole new topic of conversation.

So occasionally alternate normal questions with statements, and you prevent the conversation from coming to a standstill, or to a dead conversation.

Only Ask questions in the right way

One of the most basic tips for keeping a conversation going is to ask questions.

It can be very simple; the conversation stops a bit, you ask a question, the other response, and you have another conversation.

Yet it is not always that easy.

At a certain point, the conversation may seem more like an interrogation than a conversation.

If you just keep asking questions and she’s just answering, you’re still not having a nice conversation. Chances are that your conversation will come to a dead end.

Moreover: why do you want to keep a conversation going? Just for the sake of the conversation, or because you want to get to know her?

The latter of course!

It is therefore up to you to help the conversation as well as to create a better relationship with your partner.

That reminds me of a quote I recently read:

“You don’t listen to someone to answer; you listen to understand them.”

In short point, you want to know more than just the standard information than the standard questions.

You look for emotional information; information on the basis of which you can bond. After all, people become friends with others because of emotions, not because of facts.

You are going to ask questions to get to know someone better.

That is actually very simple; you just need a change of mind. You have to ask the questions from a different angle to prevent the conversation from coming to a standstill.

Let me give you a few examples to chat with a girl on WhatsApp;

Your QuestionsYour Responses
“What do you study?” or “What kind of work do you do?”“Oh, you are studying …., What do you like about that?” “You work as …, what do you get from that?”
“What kind of pet do you have?”“You have a dog, what do you like most about your dog?”
“What is your favorite movie?”“What makes you watch that movie again and again?”
“What kind of hobbies do you have?”“What made you start with that hobby?”  

With these questions, you will therefore go deeper into the emotions and deeper characteristics of your conversation partner.

This way you can make a boring conversation about work or study much more interesting.

Share your personal information

I just explained to you the importance of sharing emotional information. Only in this way can you build a meaningful bond.

In addition, it is of course not only important that you ask her intriguing questions, but that you also play your part in the conversation!

Don’t be afraid to share some more personal things with her if you’ve been chatting for a while.

This indicates a few things:

  • You show that you dare to be open and vulnerable;
  • You give a sign of confidence;
  • You take your conversation seriously

These are things that any woman can appreciate. On Whatsapp, she talks to enough men who don’t take life seriously enough. These men only direct the conversation as often as they can. If you want to get further with a girl, don’t do that!

By getting personal with her, you distinguish yourself from other men.

Now I don’t mean that you have to tell your deepest secrets right away. That can actually put her off.

It is about other things; what you enjoy in life, what your passions are, what you have trouble with, what gives your life meaning. Etc…

This is best related to what she said.

So when she talks about her vacation to Japan, for example, you tell about your own experiences with it.

What did you like about the country, what makes it so special, or what makes you want to go there?

By sharing personal information, the conversation becomes much more interesting and less likely to come to a dead end.

Make an appointment

Having a chat with a girl on WhatsApp is of course great fun and without obligation.

You can talk whenever you want and worry a little less about what you say.

A chat is therefore an excellent basis for a good relationship. However, it is nothing more than … a basis.

To really get to know a girl and build a relationship, you have to meet her in person.

At some point, it is really time to meet her. Especially if you have been chatting for a while, she is actually waiting for you to ask her out.

Maybe she’s already given some hints!

Now you may be thinking, isn’t it crazy to ask her out just when the conversation comes to a halt?

When you chat a lot, it is almost impossible for the conversation to come to a dead end. That is not bad at all. In fact, it gives you space to ask her out.

Just say something like…

“Hey, I was thinking, we’ve been chatting for so long but we’ve never met, would you like to have coffee together soon?”

Choose something casual…

You can also propose to do something together, such as to a museum or to the zoo.

You can also read this article on ideas for a first date.

Know when the conversation ends

Let’s face it: not every chat on WhatsApp is destined for long life. Sometimes the two of you don’t fit together so well, or there isn’t a nice personality behind that pretty face.

It is not bad at all to leave the sinking ship!

There are plenty of situations where you shouldn’t try to keep the conversation going. It is then clear that she is not interested enough in you.

You can of course try to revive the conversation with these tips. But if even that doesn’t work? Then you better look for your next match.

How do you know if a girl has lost interest in you?

Check the following characteristics that often occur when she is no longer interested:

  • She often responds with “okay” or “fun” or something like that;
  • She never starts the conversation, you always do;
  • She never asks questions back;
  • She is not interested in what you have to say;
  • She shares little to no personal or emotional information.
  • She hardly tells anything of her own accord;
  • She ‘forgets’ to respond to your messages regularly without apologizing;

It’s up to you to keep a nice conversation from dying an untimely death.

But… to help you more, you may read the body signals of women who feel in love with you.

So apply these tips to enjoy your chat with a girl on WhatsApp. And who knows…. you might find the right one!

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