How to Discover your Motivations [Be the Best Version of Yourself]

discover your motivations

You lost yourself somewhere along the way. Somewhere in your life, you started doing the things that others expect of you instead of listening to yourself. You no longer have an answer to the question “Who am I?”. But now it’s enough! You want to discover your motivations.

You want to look for yourself. Read on how to discover and how you can become the best version of yourself below.

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There you are. A little lost. Not knowing who you are and what you want anymore. You think: I am no longer myself.

Do you wonder where you lost yourself? Where have you lost sense of yourself? When did you stop listening to yourself?

You have gotten so far away from yourself that you no longer know who YOU ​​are and what YOU want.

You want to be yourself again! Discover your motivations !!!

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It’s time to stop effacing yourself. Time to get to know yourself again. But how do you do that?

Who am I? – Not knowing what you want and who you are.

So much is expected of you during this time. The expectations from a society that you feel. The pressure you put on yourself.

The things that it feels like they just have to. You do them all.

Be positive !!

And it worked fine for a long time! But now you don’t feel well. You have lost yourself somewhere and you feel lost.

You want to do things that you enjoy and that gives you energy. But actually, you don’t know how to do that anymore and what those things are.

It’s time to look for answers to the questions Who am I? and what do I want?

Discover how, as a perfectionist mother, you can make time for yourself and break free from the expectations of others, without feeling guilty towards your family.

Think of What your core values are !!

To get to know yourself again, it is important to get to know your core values. To get to know your personal motivations that ensure that you do the things that make you happy.

If you feel lost and no longer know who you are, you have often lost your core values. Your core values ​​determine who you are, what you do, and how your life will unfold.

Your core values ​​are your motivation. If you no longer live according to the core values ​​you want most, then you no longer live according to your own rules.

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How can you discover your core values ​​and motivations?

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Consciously take the time for this. Time for yourself. In a relaxed place where you will not be disturbed. Where you can sit and dream away to discover your motivations.

You will feel what is deep inside you. What you really want. Detach yourself from the image you have of yourself and that others have of you.

What core values ​​do you want to live by? Which drivers do you want to determine your choices?

Find out which core values ​​are right for you. Discover which core values ​​are important to you.

Knowing what you want – This way you can find yourself again and do what you want

Time to get started with a number of questions that will help you discover yourself.

  • What makes me happy?
  • What do I need for that?
  • What do I like most?
  • What does my ideal day look like?
  • What do I find important?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • Why do I let myself be held back in the things I love to do?
  • Where do I get satisfaction and energy from?
  • Who do I want to surround myself with?

Answer these questions to discover your motivations. This way you will work on yourself and find yourself again.

Working on yourself – Look for yourself and don’t put it off any more time to take those first steps.

Find your core values ​​and motivations.

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With these core values ​​and motivations at hand, you can look for answers to the questions that will help you get to know yourself again.

You will get started with this in the free training Getting to know yourself.

You also discover who you are beside your role. And how you learn to stop effacing yourself and gain more confidence, without compromising your family.

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