10+ Smart Ways to Flirt on WhatsApp

flirt on whatsapp

The digital revolution has changed the world in many areas, and dating is no exception. More and more people are meeting through online services. It makes us available to flirt on WhatsApp, especially via text messages.

And that makes people stay connected easily.

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However, this also presents difficulties. There are plenty of articles with tips on the internet, but most tips are very vague, difficult to apply, or not concrete.

How to flirt on WhatsApp?

Here you will only find concrete tips that you can implement immediately. This way, you can start flirting with women via WhatsApp or any other app where you can chat.

Anyway, read some tricks to chat with a girl on WhatsApp too.

Come up with a nice opening

I’m not saying that you should immediately come up with the most original opening line ever, or start right away with the best joke ever made.

It works fine, of course, but this is virtually impossible to do every time you want to flirt on WhatsApp.

What I do mean by this is that you should not start a conversation with “hi”, “hello” or “how are you”.

If you start the conversation in such a boring way, she’ll immediately lose interest.

A good way to think about what your first post will be is to take a look at her photos and come up with something based on them.

For example, if she has a picture of a festival, ask which festival it was, and if she’s in the pict with a famous person, bring it up.

Watch out your opening lines ..!!!

In principle, you can show your creativity with an original opening, and possibly make her laugh, but it must be original.

If you can’t think so, don’t use the words like “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”… She has probably heard it thousands of times.

In short, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you start a conversation with a woman, but you do need to think carefully about what you’re going to say.

You can only make a first impression once, so take the time to do this.

Tease her a little

When you want to hook up with a girl, you might tend to be nice to her, but this is not a smart way.

Create the better feeling that you already know each other, and the conversation will become more intimate more quickly.

It should be clear that you are doing this for fun, and that you are not trying to insult her sincerely.

A playful winking emoji behind your message can help a lot with this.

Make sure you tease her about things that aren’t too important to her. After all, it is the intention that she can laugh about it herself.

A tease and an insult can be close together, so keep it light.

If she starts teasing you back, you should be able to handle this a bit too.

It is only a good sign. It indicates that your strategy is working.

If she responds offended or comes to you with real insults, it means you’ve gone too far. In that case, it’s best to apologize and say you meant it as a joke.

Don’t be too eager

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If you have a match with a really nice woman, or you’ve been talking to someone for some time and you notice that there is a connection, then you probably want to talk to her as much as possible.

However, it is better not to do this and hold back a bit. It’s good to show interest, of course, but you shouldn’t seem obsessed or desperate either.

If you want her to stay interested in you, you have to keep appearing a little “cool”. Being a little mysterious is good.

Read several body signals of women who are in love with you.

So don’t ask her five questions in a row, but wait for every now and then until she asks you a question or sends you a message.

You want to appear like the nice guy she meets at a club, not the stalker in her front yard.

What you want to strive for is that she sends you about as many messages as you do her.

Sometimes it’s better if you send a little fewer messages.

If you make her wait for a message every now and then, she’ll sit and wait for it and maybe eventually look forward to it.

This increases the chance that she will like you.

Who starts the conversation?

Also, pay attention to who normally starts the conversation.

If you send about the same number of messages, but you keep starting the conversation, and she only answers your questions and doesn’t ask anything, then something is wrong.

She is probably not really interested in you and only responds out of politeness.

If you always have to initiate the conversation, just don’t do it for once, then there’s a better chance that she will eventually do it herself.

Make sure you don’t go crazy in all of this.

Being a little unreachable can be fun, but you shouldn’t make her feel like you’re not interested in her, because then she’ll just switch back to talking to another man.

So don’t keep her waiting a day for an answer.

You can make your flirt on WhatsApp more interesting, can’t you?

Pay attention to your spelling and grammar

It sounds like something completely unimportant, but nothing could be further from the truth.

If you send her misspelled messages, or sentences that don’t run at all, then give her the wrong impression of you.

You want to appear funny and intelligent, and you can’t do that if you write like a ten-year-old.

Apart from not appearing smart, you also give her the idea with sloppy messages that you don’t want to put any effort into her.

In real life, you have little chance if you flirt a woman while your hair is completely out of place, and you have all stains on your clothes.

The spelling on WhatsApp is basically the same.

The following also applies here:

Don’t look up extra complicated words to appear very smart. This is very transparent, she will probably see right through this. Moreover, you make the conversation way too formal, while you want to create intimacy.

Don’t speak very differently than you normally would, but pay extra attention to your spelling and grammar. So your flirt on WhatsApp is going to be more understandable…

Make your flirt on WhatsApp more personal

Ultimately, flirting is about creating a sense of intimacy. You can achieve it very well by making the messages a bit personal.

A good way to do this is to mention her name in your messages as often as possible.

By “as often as possible” I don’t mean that you have to do this in every message; you have to make sure it doesn’t stand out too much.

You may give her a pet name to create intimacy, and address her by that nickname as much as possible.

For example, if she’s wearing a funny hat in a photo, you can think of a nice nickname around it.

It often works even better if you do this based on something she has told you. It also shows that you have listened to her and are therefore interested in her.

One last way that works well is to talk about “we” or “us” often.

By placing yourself in one group with her, there is a good chance that she will unconsciously start thinking that way about you.

Be a bit ambiguous

Of course, when you’re flirting with a woman on WhatsApp, you want her to feel attracted to you, so it can help to steer the conversation that way just a little bit.

This is easier said than done… because a comment like “what are you wearing?” towards a person you’ve just met will probably scare him off.

So be a little subtle and do this with ambiguous comments.

For example, if she makes a comment that could be interpreted ambiguously (“that’s a mouthful,” or “that’s quite long”), say something like “that’s what she said”.

That way, you place your thoughts in her head in a non-aggressive way.

If you find it difficult to make comments like this yourself, you can also try to provoke such comments from her.

For example, say that you are going to take a shower. When she’s interested in you, she might make a comment on her own like “I’d like to see that” or “should I go with you?”

That way, you let her take that first step, and then it’s easier for you to flirt back.

End a conversation on time

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If you like a woman, it makes sense that you want to talk to her for as long as possible.

However, this is usually not a good plan. If you let a conversation go on for too long, at a certain point you will have nothing to talk about.

When this happens, the conversation gets boring and maybe even a little awkward. So make sure you don’t reach this point and cut off your conversations in time.

If you are out of topics to talk about, cut the conversation as soon as possible.

Actually, you should do this when the conversation is just getting interesting, so that she genuinely regrets it if you cut the conversation off and remain interested in you.

You should of course not do this truncation too bluntly. If you say “I don’t feel like talking to you anymore, bye!” Then you shouldn’t expect her to be waiting for you.

But if you say something like “Hey, I have to go, I’ll talk to you tomorrow?”, It indicates that you are still interested in her. Plus, you give her time to look forward to the next meeting.

Stick to these tips in real life

If you did eventually ask her out on a date, you will still have to stick to many of these tips. If you came across very nice and funny on WhatsApp, but suddenly can’t keep up with this in real life, then this is of course very disappointing.

She maybe will lose all interest in you.

So keep these flirting tips in mind when talking to her in real life.

Tease her a little, make ambiguous comments, and get both of you to speak a little.

By now you will know enough about each other to keep a conversation going for some time.

Make sure that you are not suddenly much less fun in real life than online.

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