How to Get New Inspiration TO Write a BOOK ??

How to Get New Inspiration TO Write a BOOK

How to Get New Inspiration TO Write a BOOK? In general, the best practice is to keep working on your book regularly. Even if it is only one hour on a number of fixed days.

But despite all your good intentions, that often doesn’t work. There are so many other things that demand your attention.

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The overflowing laundry basket. Your car needs to go to the car wash. Pick up your child from school. Your appointment with the dentist. And then earn some money.

“No entry in your book”

When you finally sit at your computer again and go through your written text, your gaze continues to slide over all that text. Each page is like an impenetrable mirrored water surface. It stares at you.

Nowhere is a nice opening where you can dive deep. No protrusion anywhere that brings you back to your story. It remains fiddling with punctuation marks and words. What are you doing then?

How to Get New Inspiration TO Write a BOOK ??

1. Find where you left off

In that case, put your manuscript away. Shut down your computer.

Put an empty notepad in your bag, along with some money for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

Find a cafe or a nice spot where you’ve always wanted to sit.

Order your favorite coffee. Sit back and grab a pen and paper.

Write about your book for twenty minutes.

What thoughts are running through your mind about your book? What concerns or hesitations?

What ideas come to mind that you immediately want to reject? Just write them down.

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2. Return to the source

Think about the first time you got the idea for your book. What were the concrete circumstances under which your idea arose? What was there to hear and see at that time? Who did you talk to about it? What feelings did your raid accompany?

Again, write extensively about that moment and everything you experienced for 20 minutes.

3. Zoom in on a detail

Find a detail. Choose something universal like eating a sandwich. Or watching a sunset. Or undress before going to sleep. Describe that in detail for 20 minutes, from the first word that comes to mind. Do not cross out or read back while writing.

Then write a new version in which your main character does something with your chosen detail. Have him painstakingly make a peanut butter and sprinkles sandwich. Or have her stand at her window while the sun sinks behind the rooftops.

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4. Reward yourself for your efforts

Give yourself homework for next time and schedule that in your calendar.

Be very pleased with yourself now. You are a hero. You have written again and defeated the dragon of the blank page again.

You may not be used to it, but always reward yourself for your efforts and not for the result, even when you have not got New Inspiration TO Write your BOOK yet. Because, unlike much other work, the ultimate reward here often takes a very long time.

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