How do you learn to write? This is What you Need

learn to write

If you want to learn how to write a book, just start writing. Write without lifting the pen from the paper. Writing to get to know writing itself. Not to make something good or to say something meaningful. But to learn how to turn on your writing engine.

How do you learn to write?

I learned this from an American author and my writing teacher.

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1: Don’t bet too high

I write my own book. Actually, I bet too high on that. My senses stopped regularly.

A book? How could I write a book? Let alone a good book.

After two months of interviewing and writing, I was stuck. I had nothing sensible to say.

No words for a while.

But then, I tried and did not think too much about the quality of my writing…

So I wrote about the sun, freedom, the rocking chair, silence, Coca-Cola, and pigs. The repertoire was endless and the result was always surprising.

These simple exercises made my writing rich again.

I no longer exhausted myself with the thought: I have to write a good book.

I thought less, I wrote more.

And so I discovered how much easier it was to learn to write a book. I got to know this approach without reading a word.

2: Keep it simple

The words choice, the dictions, and many things that I wrote should seem simple. The purpose is my readers. At least, they understand what I had in my mind.

3: You don’t have to be original

At first, I had made my writing way too complicated. I wanted to write an original book, give innovative assignments.

My words and ideas jostled like the taxis at Times New Square.

But I had forgotten how to simply write.

4: Find your own fuel

“Turn on your writing engine,” and “Find out what your fuel is. If you don’t know how to get your writing engine going, you don’t know anything.’

So I sat with fifty men roaring and steaming in that simple room. There were no tables, it was not nicely decorated either. But we wrote like crazy, with a book on our laps.

I was satisfied with this simple approach.

Would you be able to learn to write more books this way?

Yes. This was the base. I felt that at heart.

Simply writing is the basis of your book.

I didn’t learn any tangible writing techniques, but I did learn a way to fuel my writing fire.

This simple non-stop writing for me is still the best foundation, the foundation of my writing and my lessons.

You can build a book on that bottom.

This way you don’t immediately learn how to write a book. But if you know how to turn on your writing engine, writing your own book will eventually go faster and deeper.

Writing takes practice. With practice, you give yourself a foundation.

Do you want to learn to write? My tip: Write a lot. Write for ten minutes, without stopping. Don’t wonder if it’s okay.

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