How to Start Writing a Book? Here is the way !!

start writing your book

Okay, you want to start writing your book. Ideally, you want to write a good book. After all, who wants to write a bad book?

Still, I want to challenge you to start with that. With bad writing. Create some super boring, cringe-inducing lyrics. That helps. Why? Because those who only want to write well will not write at all.

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How to start writing a book?

Allow yourself to be a bad writer. That’s the best way to start a good book.

Bad writing is hard.

But it’s not that easy. Just write something.

During the first lesson of my meditative writing course, I regularly give my students the assignment to write a bad text. The diligent students sit behind their papers. How do you describe your morning as poorly as possible?

The result is hilarious. The stories are long-winded and do not get going. We are part of a hopeless stream of confusing and destructive thoughts. Endless word repetitions. Short sentences on slow feet. Limited word range.

Bad lyrics aren’t that bad

But unfortunately. The stories are so bad that they are good. A listing of compulsive thoughts gives a glimpse into the character’s head. The continuous repetition of a word gives an unexpected rhythm. And that endless sound of the rain on the windows. Still beautiful.

Beautiful words are like weeds. Even if you try to tile a garden with supposedly bad words, they still manage to work their way up.

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Are we bad writers?

We writers are terrified that we will write something bad. As if it is our true nature to write badly. That if we let go of control, we write non-running, boring, choppy pieces.

And then you start your own book with the convulsive idea that if you’re not careful everyone will soon discover that you are actually a terrible writer.

There is no such thing as good or bad

Normally when students start reading, they often apologize that their story is not right. With this command, the reverse happens. Participants let us know that unfortunately, the text has not turned out so bad after all.

The words bad and good mean nothing at all. Whether it has to be good or bad, it is equally blocking to both. Even if we want to write something bad, we are afraid that we will do it wrong. While that’s the job.

It’s not that we’re naturally terrible writers. Otherwise, that bad writing would come very easily to us. No, it’s about the high expectations we have of our writing. It doesn’t matter what we expect. Expectations in themselves make writing difficult.

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Block your expectations

Because we have such high expectations of ourselves, we no longer have a clear view of our stories. We measure every piece of writing against that ‘good book’ that we ultimately want to make.

The words good and bad say nothing about a text, but everything about the writer.

A writer who doesn’t dare to make anything bad will end up not writing much. Not even so-called good stuff.

It has helped me sink to the area under this limited dichotomy. I have swum between clever words, ugly words, bizarre words, incomprehensible words, flowing words, stationary words. Without calling them good or bad. Because in the end, you are doing every word, and especially yourself, short.

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