How to Write More in Less Time ?? Here’s the Answer

Write More in Less Time

I sometimes think that I am not allowed to have any appointments on the day I want to write. I do really want to write more in less time. And sometimes I manage to keep that page in my diary blank.

The result: I look for other chores all morning and afternoon and only actually put my fingers on the keyboard during the last hour.

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At least half of the success of your writing depends on your ability to put yourself to work.

How eagerly do you make excuses not to write?

I’ll give you four pieces of advice that will help you realize your dream: write a book.

How to Write More in Less Time ??

Do you ever wonder how to write a book? Then consider an online writing course! Almost everyone has dreamed of writing their own book!

But actually bringing a book to life takes time and energy.

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1. Long writing makes you tired

Have you decided to go to the office one day less, to write your book? Kudos! Poverty is a sacrifice you have to make for the arts. But do it smart.

Divide your writing hours over two mornings, instead of a whole day. Maybe you can do it, but I can’t concentrate on a book from nine to five.

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2. Write every day, no matter how short it is

A novel is something to immerse yourself in. The story is in your head from morning to night. You stay on the lookout for new ideas for your plot during every activity. So make sure you keep in touch with that story. Then you are really ‘on top of it’.

Even if you don’t have a minute on a certain day, you can still work on your story for 15 minutes before going to sleep. Even if you only rewrite one sentence, it was still a valuable session. You stay in the mood of the story. It stays close to you.

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3. You can write anywhere

You travel two hours a day by train to work? I see possibilities. laptop; useful things.

Or else you print the whole thing out. Along the way, you can read through what you have written so far. Normally you are working on a small area of ​​one scene. But now you get the chance to get a feel for the whole storyline.

You get an overview. How does the tension run? Does the structure you have chosen work? And meanwhile, you make notes with a pencil of sentences that could be better. Good job!

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4. Set yourself a goal

Agree with yourself about how many words you will write that session. And don’t stop until you’ve crossed that line.

Keep it realistic, otherwise, it will end in disappointment, and that is not really motivating either.

And you feel super satisfied when you have not only reached your ‘target’ but even exceeded it.

What tricks do you use to keep yourself working? Share “the tips about to Write More in Less Time ” below with your friends, And keep writing!

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