7+ Ways to Solve the Irritations in the Household

irritations in the household

Brush, scrub, and do the laundry. It is a cycle that never ends. But seriously: you can also get quite frustrated with the Irritations in the household. Fortunately, there are solutions to these frustrations.

One week everything goes smoothly; the next week you get annoyed at every chore. However you deal with it, everyone will recognize these irritations.

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Irritations in the household

So the next time you’re fiddling with your duvet cover, just realize you’re not alone. We’ve all been there.

Your blanket slips out of your duvet cover

Result: if you want to pull your blanket nice and warm over your shoulders and your head, you only need a thin piece of the duvet cover. Oh, and at your feet, it’s an overcrowded mess of too much blanket. The solution: from now on, buy a smaller-sized duvet cover. This way your blanket will stay in place.

The garbage bag is stuck in the bin

Taking out the garbage isn’t fun. This makes it even less fun. Applying force and using some force is counterproductive. No matter how much they claim it’s a super-strong garbage bag, it always tears.  

Drill a hole in the side of the trash can. This way, enough air continues to get through when you take out the garbage bag.

The shower curtain is dirty

You can already see the first mold spots appear. Buying a brand new shower curtain every time is not good for your wallet and probably not for the environment either.

These can help you solve the irritations in the household: dishwashing liquid and vinegar. You wouldn’t think so, but these two could be your lifesaver. Fill a bucket (or something else that fits your shower curtain) with warm water. Add equal amounts of a few drops of cleaning vinegar and dishwashing liquid. Soak the moldy side of the shower curtain in it for an hour.

Clothes hangers in knots

The superlative of your ears or cables tangled. Your clothes hangers can also get tangled on your clothes rack after a while. Replace your iron hangers with plastic hangers. Also, don’t overcrowd your wardrobe, that also helps (whether we could do it is another matter).

Food or clothes that you had completely forgotten

Something always ends up way back in the fridge or wardrobe. And you usually find out when it’s already too late. It is then already about the date or the correct season has already passed. Shame. Try to create more space with trays and extra shelves or hangers. As a result, things don’t disappear so quickly backward and they remain in sight.

Sock 1 is in your hand, sock 2 is missing?

Wearing two different socks is just as much fun. The washing machine should therefore stop washing them. Until then: put one sock inside the other, put them in the washing machine, and dry them together.

Flat pillows

Pillows just aren’t supposed to be flat. For a lovely fluffy pillow, do the following: every few months, put your pillow in the dryer together with two tennis balls.

A fitted sheet that keeps coming off your mattress

Making your bed is already a hell of a job. Then every time that fitted sheet straightens it is bloody annoying. In this case, prevention is better than cure. Buy your fitted sheet in the right mattress size or preferably even slightly larger. And always wash and dry it according to the instructions and never too hot. If it shrinks, it won’t fit anymore and it will come loose again.

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