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love at first sight

Love at first sight :-  Does it really exist or is it not possible? You sometimes hear people say that they fell in love instantly or were “struck by lightning” when they first met their partner, but is that possible? Can you fall in love with someone instantly?

It happens regularly in movies: boy and girl bump into each other, are angry at first, but when they look each other in the eye, the image goes into slow motion, the angels start to sing and the rest of the world is suddenly a big white haze. All nice and nice, but how often does that actually happen in real life?

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Is love at first sight real?

Platonic Relationship

One thing we can tell you: that is not going to happen with those singing angels anyway.

But what about the rest? Do soulmates really exist, and if so, do you know that right away or does it take longer to build a good relationship?

In other words, is this love an illusion or does such extreme attraction really predict how much you like someone?

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What do you feel?

“Feeling a super-strong connection when you first meet someone is real. That feeling is certainly possible.

The reaction that you feel in your body is just not real love.

When you talk about love, you talk about intimacy and really loving someone, despite his or her flaws.

You can’t really feel those things when you see someone first, because you don’t know them. What you actually feel is a very strong attraction.

A lot of people have the idea that it’s meant to be and that it has to be love, but it doesn’t have to be. This feeling of attraction can not eventually be converted into love.

From research shows that you have within one millisecond decided whether someone can like. In such a short time, your brain knows what you think about the person in front of you.

When you meet someone for the first time and think it’s love, you often have the Halo effect. This means that when you like someone, they can no longer do anything wrong with you.

You think he or she has all kinds of qualities because you like this person so much at first sight. But it doesn’t have to be. Attractiveness is certainly important, but real love (and whether a relationship is going to work) has to do with norms and values ​​and how someone is put together.

So love at first sight is not “love,” as people feel who have been together for fifty years and know each other through and through.

It’s more the attraction you feel.

True “love” at first sight does not exist. But who knows what will blossom when you get to know each other!

During the introduction process, it is likely that the positive first impressions that attractive partners make will be confirmed. Because the first impression was generally positive, and this impression turned out to be correct.

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A little bit of passion

The researchers, therefore, conclude this love is really just attraction, perhaps with a little bit of passion. Fortunately, mutual attraction does exist, although it does not predict whether people actually feel a connection with each other.

In fact, satisfaction with a long-term relationship can be even lower after such a positive first moment, because the high expectations are not fulfilled. And it still sounded so nice…

When people talk about their experience of love on the face, they rarely talk about intimacy or connection. Instead, they come up with things like “a unique physical feeling” and a desire to be with that person. It is of course a matter of lust for the other.

We’re not love experts, of course, but…

This Love probably works better in a more mundane, ordinary situation. Getting people to look at someone’s photos and ask if they find that person attractive isn’t exactly like meeting someone and suddenly knowing for sure it’s the love of your life.

In addition, a match at first sight does exist! Especially if the person looks the same on his or her profile as in real life.

Most people who describe their “love at the first time they meet” moment probably communicated with each other in some way before deciding that the other is the one.

With something as complicated as love, it’s just hard to develop a study that can show love at first sight.

If you believe it was love when you meet someone for the first time, then it probably was! The research will probably never prove otherwise because chemistry simply cannot be explained.

The Conclusion…

Feelings of love do not seem to play a role when love is felt at first sight. Instead, it is at most a matter of willingness to experience feelings. An excellent foundation for a relationship, whether it lasts one night or a lifetime.

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