√ 10+ Elegant Ways to Pick Up a Girl

Why do you need to learn how to pick up a girl? And how women think? What can you do today to look 100x more attractive?

Why is it much better to pretend that you are interested in others, instead of giving monologues about yourself?

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…and much more.

To answer them, I’ve made a summary with more than the most important tips for you if you want to pick up a girl.

Read them carefully. See what you can do with it. And I wish you the best of luck.

In this article, you will learn how to pick up a girl or seduce a girl.

1. Pick up a girl by immersing yourself in female psychology

Maybe you have your eye on one that you have been dreaming of for years.

Or is there a colleague sitting next to you at work that you are in love.

I get it. It happens to every man.

But pay attention:

Every man falls in love with the first five women who are even slightly nice to him.

But if you’ve never been in a relationship or have little experience with girls, I can assure you that you don’t know what you want yet.

And it may surprise you, but….

Women also have a psyche.

The other day I heard this immortal quote from a hunter:

“If you want to shoot a deer…. you should study the deer.”

So it is with women.

When you start working on this, it is important that you focus on learning how women work.

It may come as a surprise, but beyond the obvious differences in sex organs, there are other things in which women and men are completely unlike each other.

If you have thought that all women are crazy as a result, then you are not far off.

Women have split personalities.

Or so it seems:

How women are attracted to a man has everything to do with his behavior. So it has not so much to do with money, status or having a nice head, but more with this:

“They are excited by demonstrations of force.”

There are evolutionary reasons why this is the case:

  • A woman needed a strong man to protect her from threats.
  • A strong man makes strong children. If you as a woman want your children to be successful, a strong man is important.
  • A strong man can give her a better and more enjoyable life than a weak man.

Above all, the prehistoric strong man had so many advantages that women evolved to become sexually aroused.

However, there is only one problem with this:

“Strong men are by definition less sensitive.”

A man with a lot of testosterone in his body has less empathy. He is less able to listen and is more likely to cheat.

The testosterone in his brain affects him in such a way that he thinks about things differently than a weaker man.

In some cases, the testosterone even causes his empathy to decrease drastically.

In such a case, this is disadvantageous for the woman. She is always in a weaker position in a relationship – and especially in bed.

Think about it:

“She wants one who respects her boundaries and treats her well.”

And believe me; there are not many of them.

Immerse yourself in the female psyche.

­­­So the bottom line is that if you want to pick up a girl, you need to learn more about what a woman wants. And then have to do everything to become that man.

2. Be ridiculously good with women

There is something important you should know:

Decorating can be learned.

Most men don’t know this, and don’t want to know. They prefer to pretend their noses are bleeding.

This is what I noticed:

About 80% never do anything to get better with women. They’ve already given up hope before they even started.

The other 20% of men do try to get better with women.

Of this select group, 15% can shake it up because they focus on the wrong things.

  • They think it’s about money or status.
  • They think appearance plays a huge role.
  • They learn techniques from dating coaches who can’t get over them.

5% of men do find a solution to hit on a lot of women.

The main factor of their success is this:

They have men around them who demonstrate it to them.

I know what you think:

The guys you see running away with a lot of women are doing well.



Men who you think are doing well are usually not very good either.

The real players are relatively invisible.

They once had other men around them who taught them how to handle it when they are in front of a woman.

They have had good examples. Sometimes this was an older brother or another family member, sometimes these were friends.

If you don’t have an older brother who is a pimp meister, no problem:

Find friends who are good with women and copy the art from them.

Meet with them and go out with them. Make sure you befriend them so it becomes normal to see that fixing chicks is relatively easy.

By the way, read information bellow if you want to know more about how to pick up a girl.

3. Talk to a lot of women

Have you ever noticed that most girls always admire a few guys?

That there are always 1 or 2 boys making the flash, and the rest just hanging around?

It even goes so far that these ‘rest’  only get a girl, if they are lucky.

This is because the girls fall for the popular guys.

I’m going to teach you how those guys behave and how they make sure they get those women.

Oh, yeah:

Over the years, they have developed as a man for whom decorating “automatically” comes first.

You can achieve that too.

First of all , it’s important to choose to become a cool guy. One who does something with his life and doesn’t just play computer games.

Second, you have to deal with a lot of women. Lots of women.

The only way to hit on that one “special” girl is to become the man all women want.

And to become that, you will have to practice. Have to practice a lot.

Start addressing women.

Talk to all the women in your area..

So go to the pub and try to pick up women there. In the beginning, you have no chance. That’s okay.

You will have to address about 2000 women before it becomes normal for your brain to talk to women.

From that moment, you can communicate with them normally, and it is all less exciting.

Maybe you should try to chat with a girl on whatsapp too.

4. Steal the feature from players

Do you know what always strikes me about players?

They are calm.

As if they have just come, are still enjoying it, and are not worried about the start of the next time they roll around with a woman.

“Pussy no longer has any control over them.”

That’s because they are used to working with multiple women all the time.

This automatically makes women feel safer around them. They make no effort to pretend to be better. They are attractive in themselves, and they know this.

No woman wants a show-off who blows herself up with false air, but an attractive man who is a little too modest and can be discreet about his conquests.

The first man is a busy man. You can hear him coming from afar and brag about what he has achieved.

The second man is much calmer, paradoxically making an impression that is much more restrained.

If you want women to like you a lot more, make sure you stay calm as much as possible.

3 Ways to Appear Calm :

  • Body language. Always move as if you were underwater.
  • Not to get stirred up when someone challenges you. A man who scares a lot of women cares little about what other people think of him.
  • Don’t try to impress others. People will automatically start to find you nicer and more attractive.

Besides doing wonders for your results with women, acting calm is also the way to go if you want to learn something new.

When you start decorating, you will often face unexpected problems. If you are very agitated, it becomes very difficult to come up with a good solution for those problems.

But when you keep yourself as calm as possible, it will get easier.

This is because your brain does not work properly when you are stressed.

By focusing on bringing calm to your life and getting enough rest, you will find that it becomes much easier to deal with exciting situations.

5. Go to the gym

Do you know the fastest way to calm down?

Put 90 kilos on your neck for an hour. Every day.

Exercise has the following effects:

  • It makes you physically stronger. Whether you’re running, doing a push-up or working out in the gym: you train your brain to get used to physical work. Getting stronger is not just a matter of training your muscles, but also your nervous system.
  • It makes you mentally stronger. It even cures depression when medication is no longer possible. Movement prevents you from feeling.
  • You see progress. There is nothing more satisfying than looking in the mirror after half a year and concluding that you have become a sexy motherfcker.
  • Your testosterone and sex drive will go up. This will make you more motivated to fix chicks.
  • You are healthy and fit. Everything in your life becomes easier when your body functions properly.

If you’re quite fat right now, then I have great news for you. Exercise is the best thing you can do right now to get better with women.

Being fat and success with women simply don’t mix.

That doesn’t mean you can’t fix chicks before you’ve lost weight.

In fact:

I recommend doing it at the same time. You will notice how much easier it will be if you have a good body, compared to the appearance of a container of frying fat.

Obesity also makes the next step a lot more difficult:

6. Use good body language

Body language is essential for picking up a girl. You will have to learn how to consistently appear as an attractive man.

As you have now understood, you will need to appear both powerful and empathetic to hit on a woman.

This difference looks a bit like this:

You will have to show in your body language that you are not only nice, but also a strong man .

9 Tips for Getting Attractive Body Language:

  1. Calmness. A man who is always calm radiates strength. keep your shoulders and rest of your body relaxed.
  2. Put a smile on your face. Always hold it unless she’s talking about her cat that just passed away.
  3. Stand upright. Pull your shoulders back and your crown toward the sky. Look straight ahead.
  4. Make eye contact. The difference between a sweet boy and an attractive man is partly determined by the way you look at her. If you avoid her eyes, this will seem like you are afraid of her.
  5. Be close to her. Get into her personal space.
  6. If you approach her on the street, you stand right in front of her, but don’t get too close.
  7. Lean back if you notice that she’s getting intimidated by you. Women can get a little scared if you come across as too strong. You solve this by slowing down. For example, by leaning back or taking a whole step back.
  8. Move as little as possible.
  9. Get a little nervous now and then. If you know that you come across as very strong and dominant, being a little clumsy will keep a girl from getting intimidated by you.

How to become an attractive man with your appearance?

This mainly consists of avoiding appearing weak or too nice.

There are a number of things that trigger sexual disgust:

  • Unwashed appearance.
  • Physical imperfections.
  • Clothes that are not clean or torn.

Now that we’ve had that, it’s time for the fun part of how to make up a girl. 

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7. Pretend you are interested in her (even if you aren’t)

Most men who try to hit on a woman put off a monologue about how amazing they are – or how dumb the woman is.

Do you think she’s waiting for you to tell her about your boring shit life as a truck driver?

The answer is no …

She wants to meet a nice man.

Your monologue about your profession doesn’t bring her closer to her goal.

What does help you is this:

Show interest in her

She wants to meet a man who is powerful, and at the same time can be kind when needed.

If you’ve done all of the above, you’re that man. Your work is done. You just don’t have to mess it up with what’s coming out of your mouth.

So don’t try to be original in what you say.

In fact:

Try to say as little as possible.

Just shut up.

It’s much easier to pick up a woman if you put the ball of the conversation down with her .

You don’t have to convince her that you are great. Your posture and broad grin have already done that for you.

And do you know what’s funny about someone who is a good listener? Who doesn’t think it’s necessary to brag about his achievements?

He comes across as very confident.

Someone who’s good with women isn’t bragging about it all the time.

A good football player is not constantly talking about football in the pub. When someone has arranged something in life, the need to spend a lot of mental energy on it disappears.

If you don’t talk about yourself, it comes across as if you are a man who knows what he wants and is convinced of himself.

These are signs of strength.

So instead of focusing on having a big mouth, do the opposite.

We all know them:

The big-mouthed guys who speak to every woman in the pub… go home nine out of ten nights without conquests.

They are unable to live up to the expectations they have created of themselves.

Don’t be that guy.

Just shut up, let the woman rattle in front of you .

Use this to know what to say.

8. Don’t go too fast

Women are aroused in a different way than men

We can get excited in one fell swoop and are then “ready”. A woman needs much longer for that.

Her excitement is like a volume rocker.

It just takes a little longer before it reaches its peak, and stays at its peak:

So make sure you take it easy throughout the decorating process.

The worst thing you can do is be in a hurry.

9. Be nice to her friends

There are a lot of crazy decorating gurus on the market.

They all shout nonsense about how to show the friends who is in charge.

About how to be the ‘ alpha man ‘.

If fact, they do not know the real ways to pick up a girl.

That’s it.

I’ve never heard anything so counterproductive.

The nice to her girlfriends method.

Don’t be a rude jerk. If you are talking to your friends and a strange woman starts flirting with one of them, you don’t like it when she then starts pissing off the rest of the company.

Therefore, be a little nice:

Introduce yourself to the friends. This doesn’t have to be long and you don’t have to do it right away.

But the point is, you get into the habit of being nice to strangers.

They just need to see that you are a normal guest, and not a weird creep.

This becomes especially important if you want to hit on a woman in your love group.

10. Don’t get too much

You want there to be a repeat visit if you hooked up a girl? Or do you at least want to leave a good impression with her ?

Then make sure you don’t place too much value on what just happened.

I know what it’s like when you like someone. You just want more.

But ironically, this makes women like you less .

They are not interested in a man they already have. That’s because they associate this with the nice guy, the nice guy who is too sweet .

Instead, she’s aiming for a man who gives her as little emotional attachment as possible while also being kind when she’s done something nice to him.

Here are some handy handles:

  • Don’t bring up a relationship.
  • Don’t bring up what you feel about her.

Don’t bring up your emotions anyway.

You’re the man, and you only have emotions when you can’t barbecue when your favorite football team loses.

Furthermore, you leave all that emotional nonsense to the woman.

Shit about the subway man. He doesn’t get chicks.

Do you really want to learn how to pick up a girl? Then you learn all that lame stuff from your father and turn into a real guy.

I can well imagine that you are now also curious about what you have to say EXACTLY to pick up those nice girls.

I wish you the best of luck with it.

And make sure you also read 4 decorating tricks to make women fall in love.

Thanks for your nice attention.


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