5+ Signs Your Relationship May Not Last Long

Signs Your Relationship May Not Last Long

You notice that your relationship has been going a bit rough lately. The grind is pretty much in place and you’re not exactly eager to meet up with your sweetheart. These may be the signs that your relationship may not last long

Isn’t it time to take a closer look at your relationship? You probably already know what to do, but sometimes it’s nice to spot some tale signs so you can at least think about it.

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The Signs Your Relationship May Not Last Long

1. You prefer to do things alone

In the beginning, you always went shopping together, you thought of what you were going to eat and you cooked together.

Now you prefer to do that alone, you have little sense in your partner’s interference and you enjoy that moment for yourself.

Now that does not necessarily mean that it is over, but you can now ask yourself why you have this need. Is it because you really did everything together, and you need some time to yourself? Or is it because you no longer feel like doing things with him or her?

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2. You secretly fantasize about a life without him or her

When you think of vacations, you think of a vacation without him or her. You can already see yourself stretched out on the beach, with a book, a cocktail, and without your love.

You would rather go on holiday with friends and are disappointed that you have to book something with your partner again.

As soon as this starts to take on serious forms (living alone, for example, seems like something to you too), it’s time to start thinking about the future of your relationship.

3. You are no longer doing your best for your relationship

In fact, you don’t put much effort into the other person. You see an app coming in and you don’t feel like responding.

You hardly let the other person know that you still care about him or her.

Putting any kind of effort into the other also feels exactly like that: like effort. It just doesn’t come naturally anymore, and you don’t feel like pulling out anything nice anymore, so you walk around in your tracksuit all weekend.

Oh yes, and shaving is now a thing of the past. Of course, that should be possible, but doing a little bit of your best for the other person is so much fun. For others, but also for yourself.

4. You convince yourself that it will get better

It hasn’t been going that smooth for a while, but you think you’re just in a rough patch.

This phase will pass by itself, of course, you can never always be super happy in a relationship.

And of course, it is, but as soon as this either takes too long or happens too often, it’s something to take seriously.

A relationship is actually not that nice if you are constantly in an ‘it-gets-better-phase’.

5. You are lying

This may be the worst on this list. You catch yourself lying to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

And we don’t mean a white lie. But send an ‘I’m with a friend’ app while you’re having a drink with that nice colleague. Or a ‘no, I’m not going out tonight’, while you’re in the pub with your friends until the middle of the night.

And are you afraid that your partner will take your mobile and scroll through it?

He or she really doesn’t have to read what you say about him or her to someone else. Well, those dirty secrets can be the beginning of the end.

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