10 Types of New Student Equipment You Have to Prepare

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The little looks forward to this special day with a mixture of excitement and enthusiasm. School means taking one step further towards growing up. And the parents? Not only do they consider early on how they are going to cover all of the expenses for student equipment but also what they need in the first place.

With your own memories of school bags and satchels, there is often nothing left to gain in this day. Which expenses are really sensible at the beginning of school and how can the procurement be financed as cheaply as possible?

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Essential Student Equipment

Parents would do well to set up a permanent place for their homework and all the important things that the little students have to do right from the start of school.

A separate desk is something wonderful for the little ones. It’s the place where adults make money after all.

The desk also ensures calm and concentration and offers the opportunity to create a clear distinction between school and leisure. This is important.

But what do you need to set it up?

Desk – a suitable desk for children is necessary. It is good if it offers hidden places such as drawers, compartments, or cabinet doors.

With them, the children can learn how to organize school things right away.

There are new desks in all furniture stores and online, but of course, they are also used.

Many parents of older children give their offspring tables that look too small.

Tip: The desk should allow the use of digital devices. It can be assumed that children will work more frequently with tablets or laptops in the future. So there must be enough space for these devices.

Desk chair – the chair is also very important to enable free sitting and longer periods of concentration.

Therefore, the desk chair for children should be comfortable. Certainly, the students at school should sit on fixed, good, high-quality desk chairs.

There have long been wonderful children’s room solutions that can also be found in a small space.

Other Types of Equipment

Parents face difficult tasks, especially when their children are at the start of school. You yourself have the well-being of the child in the back of your mind and want a back-friendly satchel that is clearly visible and that does not cost a fortune.

However, children mostly want satchels or rucksacks with pictures and logos of their role models: football clubs, series, Disney cartoon characters.

TV film producers have long discovered this market for themselves and sell their products skilfully and at high prices.

Such marketing satchels are often ergonomic and also cost accordingly.

But what student equipment is really necessary?

School bags

Quality is important. However, it doesn’t always have to be the most expensive ones, as many of the children’s items are available in several seasons. Many girls really want to go to school with the ice princess. So parents have to take their children’s wishes into account.

Sports equipment

Simple sports equipment is usually in demand. It depends on the school and the catchment area whether branded items are necessary. A gym bag is often part of the school satchel.

Feather case

This is also usually a part of the school satchel. An additional pencil case is often useful, as it can accommodate all of the extra pens and materials a child will need.

School cone

It is still compulsory today. It should offer a mix of candy, school supplies, and desired items. The school supplies could sometimes include a great alarm clock that is kept in the style of a child’s passion.

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Pens and Co-teaching materials

It helps if parents ask what the previous first graders need. Often things were bought but weren’t really used. The problem is that many schools, also teachers, have their own ideas and set their standards.

Some examples:

Colored pencils – they are always necessary. Sometimes it depends on the teacher whether it should be thick or thin. Thick pencils are often easier for children to use.

Pencils – they are often necessary for several thicknesses. In the meantime, however, there are whole sets with all strengths.

Fountain pen – it is still in great demand for learning to write today. Before parents take action, however, they should consult with the school.

Watercolor paint box – this is an absolute must. Many schools prefer models in which the water tank is plugged directly onto the paint fountain.

Drawing pad – a drawing pad in A4 and A3 is rarely wrong.

Don’t buy student equipment too quickly! For all other materials, parents should wait for the school list. There is no point in buying exercise books or pads if the teacher ultimately does not want these.

Ways of financing                    

The first school equipment for the youngest is expensive. But if your own funds are insufficient, a smaller loan could be worthwhile:

Possibilities – there are now many loans online, including some for small sums for free use. But pay attention to the interest rate even with small installment loans. If you compare well, you will find cheap financing. If you are interested in this financing option, you will find a loan comparison.

Application – this is often completely digital, especially with small standard loans. Some of the money will be in the account in just a few days and can be used immediately to equip the school needs.

Of course, family members can also be involved in addition or instead. It is not uncommon for the grandparents to want to get involved and take over at least part of the costs. There is still time until the first day of school so that a wish list or shopping list can be created.

For low-income and unemployed parents, grants are available for school needs, so that children from low-income households can also fully participate in social or cultural life. The best way to find out whether you are entitled to benefits is from the Federal Employment Agency.

Starting school is a step towards growing up, a hurdle for parents. The first day of school is a great adventure for children. They are growing up, they are allowed to go to school. Parents usually have worry lines on their foreheads in advance when they think about all the expenses for student equipment in the first year of school.

While they naturally have to take care of the basics, they should postpone specific purchases for later: some parents have already left huge amounts of money in stationery stores only to notice that first-grade exercise books with completely different lines are used.

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