10+ Benefits of Becoming a Young Mother

becoming a young mother

Becoming a young mother has many advantages. It’s just a shame that many people emphasize the downsides of early motherhood. While we should also pay more attention to the benefits of becoming a mother at a young age.

You can’t plan for a baby and you just have to wait and see when you become a mom. But if you become a lot younger than average (29.5 years) for the first time, there are certainly advantages to this.

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The benefits of Becoming a young mother

The age at which women become mothers for the first time is increasing every year. Often because they want to make a career first or because they are waiting for the right partner.

But if you have all the winds in your head and you become a mother at a young age, you will surely recognize yourself in these advantages.

1. Forever young

People will tell you for the rest of your life; “Gosh, what a young mother you are.”

The older you get, the more you’ll like it when people say this.

2. Back in shape

The younger you are, the easier your body recovers from pregnancy. You were probably in shape again after the birth of your child. How nice is that.

3. Still a whole life to go

If your friends start having children, yours is already big and you have all the freedom again. And still enough energy and years ahead to make all your other dreams come true. But luckily it’s not that far yet…

4. Flexible

Another advantage is that when you are young you are still very flexible. You are better able to adjust things or try something new at a young age. For example, it is much easier when you are young to try to get by financially on less.

When you are young, you are used to getting by with less money and improvising where necessary and you are also less stuck in patterns. In short, you are flexible and that makes parenting a lot easier.

5. Little Sleep Needed

There is one more positive thing. You can probably do with much less sleep at that age. This comes in handy if you have to get out a few times at night to feed your baby or change a diaper. Before you got pregnant, did you maybe go out every weekend with your friends?

Until you got pregnant, you went out every weekend. So you are used to little sleep; you can easily have those interrupted nights.

Then you probably also often had short nights and despite some sleep deprivation, you could still perform well the next day. Because you were already used to this, the interrupted nights are really doable for you. A woman who becomes a mother at a later age has much more difficulty with this.

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6. Young Grandparents

As a young mother, your parents are probably not that old themselves and therefore still fit enough to babysit regularly. Useful!

7. Chance to see great-grandchildren

You may see your great-grandchildren or even your great-grandchildren. How special would that be?

8. You can sit back and relax after the first one

Because if you catch it early, you can – biologically speaking – easily wait a few more years before you possibly go for a second child.

9. You are cool

There is a good chance that you will build a good relationship with your child and that you may even be allowed to go on a walk in the future. Because such a young mother is just really cool. And so do his friends.

10. It changes the course of your career

But it doesn’t have to ruin it. Who says you have to make a career before you’re 30? When your child goes to school, you have plenty of room to go sky high again.

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11. In fact, it can improve it

Because motherhood makes you know better than anyone how to multitask efficiently and set priorities.

12. You Have a Less Risky Pregnancy

Women are most fertile in their twenties and the risk of miscarriage or birth defects is lowest.

It is well known that there is less risk with a pregnancy at a young age than with an older mother. In addition, your body recovers more easily from pregnancy when you are young. This takes a little longer for older mothers. It is really an advantage of becoming a young mother.

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