17+ Unthinkable Things to Attract Women

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You don’t pay much attention to women. Is this because of appearance, or are you afraid you are not that pretty? But you do want to attract women…

Well… I have good news!

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Your looks are not the deciding factor. Even if you have an unfavorable face, you stand a chance of being attractive.


Beauty isn’t just about having a good head.

It goes much further.

Beauty is also in your appearance. Do you look healthy? Then you are immediately a lot more attractive.

Your attraction is in who you are.

Your zest for life, your eloquence, intellect, character, imagination, enthusiasm, achievements, and sense of humor.

How to attract women?

What else do you have to offer women and the world outside of your appearance?

The answer to that question is what really makes you attractive.

This is a big reason why older men are still in high demand.

Compared to 20-year-old fitness models, they don’t have the better looks.

Make yourself tall

I don’t want to sound like your grandma, but…

To attract women, Sit upright, stand upright. Shoulders back and chest out.

This is not only good for your body. You also look longer and more vital.

Since women find tall men more attractive, you can only score with this.

In English they say about self-assured men: “He carries himself well.”

Which simply means you don’t look like you just had a punch in the stomach. But instead, walk upright and look straight into the world.

Keep track of your hair

I know…

You’ve been going to the same hairdresser for 20 years. And you’re still using the five-gallon jar of gel your mom gave you in your trousseau.

Most of the men I know are not vain. At least not by itself. And certainly not for fun.

This quickly changes when I explain to them the benefits of a little vanity for picking up women.

Making sure your hair is right makes you very attractive. This communicates self-love and social intelligence.

Why do women think this way?

Men who are comfortable in their own skin and who are good in the group usually look well-groomed.

That’s why women think that if a man is well-groomed, he feels comfortable in his own skin and fits well in the group.

Self-confidence and popularity. Let there be two qualities that every woman looks for in a man.

And to show it off, all you need to do is style your hair every morning.

“ But I’m losing my hair! What now? 

Do not panic. Depending on where you are in your balding process, you have different options to attract women.

A consciously chosen beard

Beards are attractive. So do most women. But that doesn’t apply to every beard. It should be a conscious choice for a certain look.

Maintain your beard.

Shape it. Comb it, trim it. Pour in some beard oil.

You can also shave it off completely.

The most important thing is that you maintain your beard growth as if it were a beard.

Try not to stand out with your clothes

Do you remember high school?

Where exactly could you tell who belonged to which group, just by looking at clothes?

The metalheads, the hip-hoppers, the nerds.

Ah, how important it was to us to shout our views from the rooftops with flashy clothing.

Fortunately, this can also be done without consequences at that age.

On the other hand, are you a bit older?

Then it is expected that you also behave according to your age, which means that you no longer wear those clothes.

All those bright colors? 


And women generally don’t want to date babies.

They want to date grown men.

And grown men wear simple clothes with neutral colors.

A nice Odor

Women LOVE men who smell good.

Here’s proof from a customer I recently gave you the same advice about fragrances as you:

Don’t you have a nice smell? Get advice from a friend who knows how to dress.

You will be surprised by how good the responses will be.

Beware: she will put on your sweater and never give it back.

Take care of your hands and nails

I know what you’re thinking. 

There is one appearance characteristic that women constantly talk about. But men never at all.

Women on the other hand…

They are crazy about hands. So take care of your hands and nails.

Because that’s what women will look at.

Clean them before you meet a woman.

And if you have a cozy office job. In any case, make sure that your nails are neatly trimmed. So that when your hands come near a woman.

Have a healthy body

Women choose muscular men for “ a break ”. Slightly less muscular men seemed good for the long term.

So take the trouble to schedule a visit to the gym every now and then. Purely to keep track of your weight.

That’s enough to keep you out of the boat. Combined with my other advice, your attractiveness increases exponentially.

If you want to keep training until you look like a fitness model, you score bonus points with that. At least, for the ladies who are looking for a man for the ” short term ”. 

Trunks of forearms

Philosophers have been pondering the question of why men are so fascinated with breasts since time immemorial.

There are good and bad theories about this.

But if one thing is clear, it is that many men have an obsession with breasts.

Women find broad forearms mega sexy. Especially if these are blessed with thick veins.

Do you have nice knappers like Popeye?

Well done my bro.

Are your forearms thin?

Then I refer you to the previous tip to attract women.

Go to the gym and lift heavy things. This will make your forearms bigger.

Behave as mature as possible

I mentioned earlier that women like older men.

No, this is not because they like to listen to the sound of cracking hips and crunching knees.

There are many reasons why older men are more attractive:

  1. They have more experience
  2. They are calmer
  3. They understand women better
  4. They have more money
  5. They give her a nicer time
  6. He has more status
  7. And so I could go on.

Easy said:

All the qualities that women find attractive? Older men have more of that.

How do you look older?

Stop displaying “young” behavior that you know the woman in front of you doesn’t find attractive.

Take care of your shoes

Scuffed sneakers are out of the question.

Neat shoes? That’s what winners wear.

To attract women, make sure they are clean and polished if possible.

Women look at your shoes to put you in a box. If you don’t care, remember that it’s very important to her.

Those fifteen minutes of scrubbing (or a trip to the shoe store) will make dating more successful.

You’re willing to do that, right?

She can laugh with you

If you spend a lot of time with her, it’s important to make difficult times more enjoyable.

One way to do that is to make her laugh.

If you can be funny – at the right times and in an attractive way – you get bonus points for this.

Even more important is not to be “ unfunny ”.

If you ruin the atmosphere, a woman won’t thank you.

It’s not about telling jokes. But recognizing humor in a situation. Especially when the going gets tough.

Prolonged Eye Contact

Look. Of course, what this prankster does on stage, you should never do in real life.

And of course, you can see from the face of the woman in question that it is very uncomfortable after about ten seconds. (That’s also why it’s funny.)

But what you also see is that she somehow finds it exciting to look at her for a long time.

If you can maintain eye contact, women find this very attractive.

Practice this on dates. By looking at her calmly when she talks to you.

Be yourself

The wrong thing can just be canceled…. Is a word with a solitary meaning.

If people think you’re dishonest, they don’t dare to trust you. Trust is important for seducing a woman.

This sentence has never been uttered:

“ Gosh, I knew 100% that he was lying to me and that made me feel uncomfortable. So I immediately went with him.”

Even if she doesn’t agree with you, she appreciates your guts.

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Speak slowly

To attract women, you come across as calm and confident.

And because you speak slower, your voice sounds lower. (And therefore more masculine.)

A big reason why speaking slowly is more attractive has to do with its opposite: speaking quickly.

We often associate fast speaking with nervousness.

Speaking slowly, therefore, feels like an expression of self-confidence.

Have (a little) ambition

Women like older, successful men.

What if you’re a twenty-five-year-old stock filler? Do you not stand a chance at all?

Yes. As long as that simple work fits into the plan you have mapped out for your life.

If that job helps you achieve your ambitions – for example, because you also do something in your spare time – then that’s totally fine.

Let’s say you have a YouTube channel where you discuss your favorite horror movies. You don’t make a cent with it. But you love it.

Then that’s one way you show you’re ambitious to attract women.

Show that you are passionate. It doesn’t matter if it’s for work or a hobby.

Don’t be afraid of vulnerability

Want to control everything around you?

That is a sign of a lack of self-confidence.

“ If things go wrong, I don’t know how to deal with it.”

Women find it attractive when you radiate that you can take on the whole world.

If you are vulnerable, you show that you are not afraid of the reactions of others.

Admit your mistakes. Tell about the time when everything went wrong despite your best efforts. Cry for a movie that touches you emotionally.

As long as you don’t care, she doesn’t care.

Go to a yoga class

90% of all people in yoga class are women.

(So ​​that’s a nice place to meet them.)

Going to a yoga class as an only man is already a form of vulnerability.

But yoga also teaches you to be calm. It makes you mentally and physically flexible.

Stand up for your own opinion

Integrity is an attractive quality.

Standing up for what you think is right is also that.

Most people are not that brave.

If you dare to row against the current, you will be admired.

Be clear about your standards and values. Women find that very attractive.

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