10+ Simple Steps to Help you Chat with a Man

When you have a chat with a man you like, you look critically at your screen…

But some questions come across your mind. What are you sending to him? How do you make sure it looks good? How do you keep it from going crazy?

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Today you will get all the answers! Make sure you pay heed to this article.

How to chat with a man?

A Chat with a nice man is sometimes like playing chess. You think for a long time about what your next move is…

You want to say the right things so that he likes you. And especially: You don’t want to screw it up via chat.

If you sometimes stare at your screen for hours before you know what to send, I can tell you this:

You’re not the only one. I receive daily questions from women who are in the same boat as you.

Fortunately,  I want to tell you a secret about chatting…

Chatting is overrated.

Look, most people just spend a lot of time chatting.

And that is, of course, not surprising because online communication is now indispensable.

But in the end, real-life communication remains the best way to create a connection with a man.

Sure you can build some connection through chat and feel something for someone…

But the big point is that you don’t get to know someone through a screen.

You only know the messages you exchange.

In real life, you can see and touch each other, and conversations are often much longer and more dynamic.

It creates a real connection.

In short: technology has not yet caught up with us.

So see chatting mainly as a means to ensure that you will eventually meet in real life.

And the tips in this article are to help you with that!

So to chat with a man, let’s start right away with…

This way you should arouse his interest

Now you are an adult woman who can, of course, make a choice all by herself.

But why don’t you enlist the help of a nice man? Men love to help you make a choice.

It has to do with the male leadership instinct that lies within him. He is honored to help you get rid of your choice of stress.

The message immediately arouses his interest, and research shows that we immediately feel better when we help someone.

To make your message even more interesting, I recommend taking a picture of your two choices.

In other words: avoid questions about make-up, which shoes to wear, or which dress to buy.

Send these compliments

chat with a girl on whatsapp

Every man is happy with a compliment. However, some compliments work better than others …

Look, of course, there is nothing wrong with sending these kinds of compliments:

  • “You look so nice in that photo.”
  • “You are so handsome.”
  • “How good is your hair.”

Still, there are many more interesting compliments you can send to someone you like.

There is a certain kind of compliment that immediately makes a man’s heart beat faster.

And those are these kinds of compliments:

Tell him what he does to you …

Instead of the “superficial” compliments (about appearance, for example), you zoom in on what his behavior does to YOU.

For example:

  • “You always make me laugh as hard as I do with your app”
  • “I always feel safe with you.”
  • “I don’t know how you do it, but you keep inspiring me with every conversation we have.”

When you describe what a man does to you, he feels like a real man.

There is nothing better for a man than knowing that you can make a woman feel positive.

They are personal and direct compliments that make every man happy.

Do you want to know more about what men want to hear?

It is an easy, yet very effective way to get a guy hooked on you:

Humor recycling…

Many people spend hours pondering about fun, funny or original messages to send to someone they like.

But why do you spend so much time on this when someone else can do it for you?

Steal the humor of others with fun pictures, videos, and gifs.

You can also add a fun playful teasing message such as:

  • “Look, this cat has even better moves than you;)”

The internet is full of all kinds of funny videos, pictures, and gifs that you can shamelessly take over.

Why media works so well:

It is important to mention.

If you’re wondering what to send to someone you like, media is a great option.

So think of images, videos, gifs, or even voice messages.

It works because it is much more visual and dynamic than text messages back and forth.

It gives your messages that playful and light effect and makes your conversations a lot more fun.

Don’t be a gray mouse

Unfortunately, there are a lot of gray mice in the dating world, to the annoyance of many men (and women).

These types of messages reveal gray mice:

  • “Hi”, “Hello” or “Hey” (As the opening sentence for Tinder for example).
  • “How is it going?”
  • “What did you do today?”
  • “Goes well. With you?”
  • Tired 90S GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY
  • What?
  • What do you say?

Unfortunately, these are exactly the kind of messages that many men receive every day.

These are the messages from the gray mice. In other words: they are unoriginal messages that everyone sends.

Limit gray mouse messages as much as you can.

Look, I’m not saying you should never send messages like this again.

Sure it’s okay to ask how his day was. Especially if you have known him a little longer.

But the problem is, these types of messages aren’t flirty.

You arouse his interest by flirting through chat.

Don’t do this by bombarding him with gray mouse messages.

You do this by sending playful, light, and fun messages.

So let’s go straight to …

When you have a chat with a man, Tease him !!

A teasing message is an ideal message to send to someone you like.

Teasing creates attraction. And of course can make the conversation extra exciting.

When we tease someone, we immediately trigger different emotions in the other person in a fun and playful way.

It is exactly the difference between a boring conversation and a flirty conversation:

Boring conversations are often about exchanging information, flirty conversations are about exchanging emotions.

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Teasing is what makes a boring conversation instantly flirty.

Boring Conversation:

  • YOU: So what kind of work do you do?
  • HE: “I am a teacher”.
  • YOU: “Okay, nice.”
  • HE: ” And what are you doing?”
  • YOU: “ I’m a dental assistant”
  • HE: “ Great”.

Damn… I almost fell asleep again.

Let’s take a look at the fun variant, the flirty conversation:

Flattish conversation:

  • YOU: So what kind of work do you do?
  • HE: “ I am a teacher”
  • YOU: “ Ohh I thought so. You already had such a strict aura. You certainly send a lot of children out of the classroom. ”
  • HE: “Hahaha, that’s not too bad. What do you do then? ”
  • YOU: “I’m a dental assistant”
  • HE: “ Oh no, I was afraid of that before and still secretly. You can’t get me in your seat.

You can tease him in many ways. Below I have some example sentences for you:

  • “You are the kind of man my mother warned me about”
  •  “Oh help, you play football. Well, it never works out between us 😁😁”
  • “You looked good on our date. Nice to see that you put on your best clothes especially for me 😁😁😁”

Pay attention:

Those “😁😁😁” have been added to the sentences. And It’s ok…

It’s sometimes difficult to tell whether someone is joking or not based on the text messages.

So use emojis “hahas” and voice messages to your advantage.

The power of jokes

arti ever

This one, for your chat with a man you like, is so fantastic.

Jokes ensure that you smoothly transfer the connection in real life to the chat conversation.

For example, suppose you were on a date and he spilled a drink.

This made for an awkward but funny moment that made you laugh.

Then the next day at breakfast you can send this:

  • “Good morning! Do you make sure your milk stays IN your glass this time?

Jokes come in all shapes and sizes.

The main thing is that the two of you recycle a fun moment you know.

It makes for a fun, teasing conversation and a strong connection.

So if you are wondering:

What should you send to someone you like?

Create an inside joke and process it in your messages.

Send him a dilemma

You have a choice:

Either you have to redo elementary school or you talk to everyone as if you were talking to babies.

And remember: you MUST choose.

  • How the hell did I get to this dilemma, you ask?
  • He comes from the website dilemma on Tuesday.
  • Here they post a new, often hilarious, dilemma every Tuesday.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to do elementary school again, nor do you have to speak in baby language.

What you can do is send a dilemma to that nice guy on a Tuesday.

It is sure to make for fun, playful, and funny conversations. So what will you send to your crush?

Treat him to a nice dilemma on Tuesday (or on other days).

Send him this for a big smile on his face

It’s Wednesday afternoon …

He is hard at work until he receives an unsuspecting text message from none other than yourself.

It’s a selfie of you and him where both of you jerk off.

He doesn’t look like in that photo and he knows it himself.

It was a corny and hilarious moment on your last date. With one simple photo, he is immediately back in that moment.

And … he thinks about you for the rest of the day.

Selfies of both of you are an ideal way to revitalize a conversation.

Try to send cute, funny, or downright ugly selfies of both of you.

Here too you can add a funny comment:

  • “Wow, this is your best picture ever ”.

So keep your camera handy on your next date, you never know when it will come in handy.

  • “But… what do you do if you’ve never had a date with that man?”

In that case, the following tip is a must-read for you!

Make him feel like the 1 guy with this message

arti feeling good

I’m going to tell you one more important thing about men:

They want to be better than other men.

This cock behavior is as old as humans and it is sometimes downright annoying.

Still, you can use this masculine instinct to your advantage as a message to send to someone who likes it.

Make him feel better than other men …

You do this with a simple message:

  • “I’m not allowed to text messages at work right now, but you make sure that I stay glued to my phone.”

Or use variants of this:

  • “There has never been a man who made me so enthusiastic about receiving a WhatsApp notification.”
  • “There is no man who sends nicer messages than you”.

In short:

If you don’t know what to send to someone you like, send him messages that will make him feel like your # 1 guy.

Send this if he doesn’t respond

Pay attention because you can do a lot wrong in this nasty situation:

You send him something, but he just doesn’t respond.


Two things are important now.


Be patient.

Are you glued to your phone 24/7?

I do not think so.

That man doesn’t do that either. He also has things to do so it is no problem if he does not respond.

Second, make sure you’re not sending needy messages.

Think of:

  • “Hello, are you still there?”
  • “Well, never mind then”

Or the infamous:

  • “???”

No, an attractive woman like you does not send these messages.

You have a nice, interesting life yourself and you can wait for a man to respond again.

Anyway, after a few days, he still doesn’t say …

Then it is fine to send him a message but also do this here in a light and playful way.

Also now use pictures and gifs to your advantage

This is how you get him on a date!

There is a really easy way to ask a guy on a date.

Look, many women find it difficult to ask a man out.

This is because they often see this question as a big “Do or die” moment.

Either he says yes and a date is scheduled… or he turns you down.

Of course, rejection always remains a risk when you ask someone out, that’s part of the deal.

But you can make the request a lot more accessible by doing this:

Make sure he asks you out instead of the other way around

You do this by giving him all kinds of (not so) subtle hints, so that he knows he has the green light to ask you out.

Consider, for example, messages such as:

  • “I recently went to glow golf with a friend. That was fun, I would love to do it again!
  • “There is a cool exhibition in the museum in the city center but nobody wants to come with me
  • “Have you ever been to an Escape Room? I would like to do that sometime… ”

With these hints, you treat him to an open goal.

You don’t ask him out directly, but the coast is so safe that there is no risk for him to ask you out. (In case you didn’t know, men are also afraid of rejection).

Well.. now you know the points that can help you chat with a man.

Make sure you get the answers;

Looking for more ready-made messages to send to someone you like…

Or perhaps you need some ways to save a relationship.

OK… Have fun and see you next article!

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