Facts About Independent Relationship That Will Make You Think Twice

Independent Relationship

Independent Relationship ;-  There will be a conflict between all couples, in any relationship. This is completely normal and is part of how you grow together.

However, when your partner starts to become the center of your world when you develop some form of dependence that keeps you from living a normal life, you may find that you have a serious problem.

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Two people should both decide to share their life and love, to respect each other, and to understand that living together does not mean becoming dependent on each other. Of course, both partners should continue to respect each other’s personal space.

Keep your Happiness in your Own Hands

You cannot become dependent on anyone else in your life – all you have is you. Putting your life, your being, and your happiness in the hands of another is almost the same as committing suicide. It is important that you take a moment to pay attention to the characteristics of dependent people:

Their self-esteem depends on their partner.

They take on responsibilities that go far beyond what their normal duties should be to meet their partner’s needs.

The lines between them and their partner have become blurred.

They never contradict their partner for fear of rejection.

When their relationship breaks down, they immediately dive into a new relationship.

If you’ve ever had the idea of ​​recognizing these traits in yourself, you’ve probably experienced emotional dependence to a greater or lesser degree.

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Free yourself from the ties that bind you

You know that feeling when you want to grab a rope so that it cannot slip from your hands? When your release that rope eventually, the pain and damage you feel is similar to what you are doing to yourself now!

The same happens in your head. You have tied yourself in a relationship with someone who is actually not good for you at all. It is not at all easy to break that bond.

Sometimes as humans we have tendencies and prefer to simply put up with the blinding pain caused by sticking to this relationship.

If you are not sure whether or not to let go of this person or if you secretly know that you should do this, but you are not ready or you cannot, then this is a good time to cut the bond once and for all.

The freedom you will feel through this is indescribable. You will be filled with a sense of inner peace. You will find that your fears, insecurities, and low self-esteem are gone because you are no longer leaving your self-esteem entirely in the hands of that person.

But… will this make you happy? Being free is a great feeling, but it may not make you happy at first – it hurts. Yet you can no longer allow yourself to slowly languish in the hands of another.

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Free Yourself from Dependence, Enjoy your Independent Relationship !!

You have to free yourself. You choose to hold on to that pain – nobody forces you to do this.

Of course, it is difficult to take that final step. So if you don’t think you can do this on your own, seek help!! Without bits of help, you may not be able to muster the courage to handle this situation.

How did you end up in this situation? Is there perhaps something in your past that is responsible for the fear you feel of losing someone? Are you overwhelmed with love?

Sometimes love can be like a drug. It’s normal to think about your partner and want to be with him as much as possible … but emotional dependence is damaging and humiliating if it doesn’t allow you to be yourself.

And what if you leave? You may immediately start looking for a replacement. If so, then you have a serious problem. This shows that you cannot be alone!

You need this drug to make you feel good, even when you have to go through the sand.

Try to get help, talk about it, and open your eyes to reality. It will hurt, you will suffer (haven’t you felt this all the time?) And you will not feel like yourself. Learn to be alone, make peace with loneliness.

You don’t have to feel insecure and alone in this world. You are your own best buddy. Your Independent Relationship is a better option.

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