√ 4 Decorating Tricks to Make Women Fall in Love

Discover the 4 secrets to make women fall in love (that other men don’t know yet). With these decorating tricks, you can easily make women fall in love without effort.

OK, look…!!

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You go to pick up on her. but she has to get over her ex or vice versa…

She doesn’t respond to your messages, or she doesn’t drop by to “see you” for an hour.

It seems like she doesn’t like you anymore.

The problem…

She’s not in love (enough), and that’s why you lose her quickly.

A shame and completely unnecessary.

If she’s in love, she’ll do anything for you, and get addicted to you.

But do you know it’s not that hard to make women COMPLETELY in love with you?

Check these 4 tricks bellow. After that, making women fall in love is a BIT for you….

But first: Making the ethical side of something a little more beautiful than it is… This is my opinion, “If you want to sell a nice car, don’t you polish it too?”

Why am I writing decorating tricks about making women fall in love (when I know women are going to whine)

How do I make women fall in love with me?

Last week, I actually got half a novel from a man. He had spent hours asking a simple question: “How do I get women to stay with me any longer?”

It is difficult to sustain a free range for more than two or three months. Maybe you know. Quite frustrating; if you put in all that effort, it is for nothing.

Just a lot of hassle when it ends in all of them sticking around for up to three months.

Besides, it’s a hassle to keep getting a new fuck buddy.

That’s why I decided to go for something ‘sustainable’. So I started to learn how to keep them longer. It helps if they are in love with you.

How To Make Relationships Last Longer (Sometimes Longer Than You Want)

First revelation: there are 2 things you can do to have longer relationships:

  • Not making stupid mistakes (like kissing someone else in front of her or becoming ‘best friends’ with her twin sister)
  • Making her head over heels in love (duh)

Once I realized that this was the key to longer and better relationships, I started to look into this more. Nerd as I am, I discovered many theories and scientific evidence about making women fall in love.

For example, I have been testing these things over the past six months and I have now roughly discovered what you should do to make women fall in love.

1). Tell her she’s in love with you (as overly as possible)

Shocking discovery…

You are going out with Jhon. Jhon is about the last man you want to introduce your sister to. No woman is safe.

Jhon is so successful because he seduces women in a specific way. He tells OVER THE TOP how in love he is with a woman. It works ridiculously well. Serious. Try that technique.

It works. Funnily enough, the opposite too: You tell her… SHE is in love with YOU.

“ You don’t have to blush like that. I can really see that you are in love with me. ”

“ I think you are really a girly girl. Such a sweet cute little thing that can be really naughty. ”

Cool phrases? Of course. Thank you. But more importantly;

Why Make Her Pretend?

Look. People cannot tell real things from fake ones. At least, not the feelings.

Have you ever heard of the Pygmalion effect?

It works like this. Suppose you have a class full of children. In the experiment, they were young children, because then they are more moldable.

At the beginning of the school year, you have all children take an IQ test. The test remains a secret from the teacher. You tell the students’ teacher that a few students are smarter than the rest (20% randomly picked).

At the end of the year, you will then take another IQ test. What seems? The students who the teacher thinks are smarter… with higher score.

Conclusion: The mere expectation that a teacher has of a child can ensure that the child performs better.

In other words: If you show that you have high expectations of people, they will more often meet those expectations.

This means that it also works the other way around. If you expect someone to fail (and tell them to) that will happen more often.

So: Show what you expect from people, and they will meet those expectations more often.

Yes, you already understand how to apply this.

How do you train her to be in love?

We now put the Pygmalion effect in a corner of our heads. Difficult words to which we will return later.

Well, in the theory of operant conditioning…

An animal (including a woman) establishes a connection between the situation in which it is in and its behavior. Provided that, there are consequences.

Example: A rat is in a box. If the green light is on and he presses a button, he will be fed. But it gets a power surge when the red light is on. After several times he has learned that he should only press the button when the green light is on.

From the theory of Operant Conditioning, you see that if you reward behavior A (you already understand it), that behavior A is performed more often.

So suppose: If you reward her for good behavior, she will do it more often.

Suppose you combine it.

Pygmalion Effect + Operant Conditioning = ??

Smart men understand that you can use this for more than making women fall in love.


You send a thank you email to (an employer/ colleague/ customer/ teacher) in which you put the following: “ I like that you always respond so quickly, thanks for that! ”

The result? They respond faster – even if they were excruciatingly slow to respond at first.

You compliment them on a quality they don’t have.

Operant Conditioning = By giving a compliment you condition them.

Pygmalion Effect: They see themselves as a person who answers quickly.

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2). Pretend You’re Her Boyfriend (Even If You Are Not Yet)

This may be the most powerful psychological trick ever. When I applied this, decorating (and making women fall in love) became EASY.

If you have had a driving lesson; do you remember that first time? Before you cross an intersection you had to brake, look in the rear mirror, look left, look right, and then you could cross. But if you see a green light now, you just keep driving.

Until you get rammed once by an idiot driving through red…

Why is that? We use a shortcut in our heads. We have associated the green light with driving.

Now something else. Suppose you read an article about investing. Who do you trust more? If you see that the writer is Warren Buffet, or if it’s someone from a school newspaper?

Warren Buffet, of course. We TRUST the writer we know. Even though the content of the school newspaper might be better than the well-known author’s article.

That is how it works.

We don’t have time to read dozens of books on investing, so we judge something by such a cutoff. Such a cutoff is often something you’ve learned from a previous experience (you’ve heard of Warren Buffet before).

How do you use this pick-up trick on a woman?

Example: On the first date, you walk hand in hand with a girl. Later on the date you get ice cream and feed it to her.

When was the last time she was fed an ice cream? Who else did she walk hand in hand with?

Yes indeed. That was her last boyfriend. Which cutoff do you think she uses?

You understand now. Do the same things her previous boyfriend did to her (walk hand in hand, feed her food, meet parents, etc.). The shortcut that her brain uses makes her fall in love with you.

Are you a woman and do you find this way of making women fall in love manipulative, bad, depraved and are you very angry?

You may be right. It is not very neat. But here; a quote from a woman herself:

The concept of romantic love affords a means of emotional manipulation which the male is free to exploit since love is the only circumstance in which the female is (ideologically) pardoned for sexual activity. – Kate Millet

3). Make Her Addicted (like you sell crack to school kids)

I learned this trick from my crack dealer. Just kidding, my crack dealer doesn’t know any tricks.

But do you know how to get people addicted to drugs?

You first offer them something for free, so that they can taste how delicious it is.

They try. They want more. They come back to buy more.

And 3 months later they sell their mother (or sister) to get cracking.

So how can we use this brilliant marketing strategy for our purposes?

Example # 1:

Let’s go back to the date with the distant girl.

What I do is talk a lot right at the beginning of the conversation. The following three things I call GIRLCRACK:

– Jokes   (” Are you seriously going to whine that you had to wait 5 minutes? I’ve been waiting for you all my life “).

– Chance to talk about yourself  (ask a question like: ” You seem like you are a bit of a combination of tough … and also nice … How come? “)

– Listening to ‘fascinating’ stories (“ I have such a good bond with my horse, we really feel each other ”)

By doing this, she becomes invested. She tasted some crack and now wants more. She’s going to pay.

On the date, this now happened. She started to give longer answers, tell stories, and ask questions about me. That’s the point right before she overdosed.

The Overdose Point

The overdose point is when you talk so much that it drives her crazy. It’s getting too much. Just before I got to that point I did this:

I leaned back a bit more, let her do the talking. She was fed up. She wants back that feeling that I gave her first (the jokes etc). She’s going to do her best to get me talking.

The Girl Crack Effect in Relationships

If you are in a relationship, this is the way to make women fall in love. Since you’ve been seeing each other for so long, she’s just getting more used to your personality. Then if you suddenly take something away, she will do EVERYTHING to get it back.


At the beginning of a relationship, I often meet her (twice a week). After a while, she gets used to it and I gradually reduce it (3 times a month), until she starts doing her best more and more. Think of it like playing hard-to-get what women do.

4). Show Your Soft Side (Even If You Don’t Have It)

A lot of men who go on dates with a woman talk about bullshit. Bla Bla Bla. Cows and calves. Those kinds of things are not important. You can talk to anyone about how cold or hot the weather is.

Picture this: You are on a date. Is it more interesting to talk about whether you like blue or yellow a better color, or do you prefer to talk about who she is and what things she does?

You can easily get her talking about those things. The trick is to always make yourself vulnerable or tell personal stories first. She will follow.

“Women want a man who is strong in the outside world, but is  especially  vulnerable to them.”

Bonus tip: Pretend you’re upset after telling a (vulnerable) story. Get up or even say, “ Ah, this is lame. Let’s talk about some cool ”. That’s how it comes across as very sincere. She, therefore, thinks: ” Wow, he is actually quite sweet “.

So don’t linger in a sentimental atmosphere for too long.

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Let her fall in love with you

What you have read here is a kind of crash course in making women fall in love.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to use something concrete of that. Try the 4 tips I explained above.

Use them in conversations and see how she melts for you.

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