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make a woman happy

How do you make a woman happy as a man? No, you can’t make a woman happy with expensive gifts, luxurious dinners, and exotic trips. You won’t make it.

So, dear, cool, nice man. Nice that you take the time to read this. The fact that….. this title triggers you to click on it.

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You want to know what you can do to make a woman happy. You may even hope to read something that will help you improve a relationship.

What makes women really happy is genuine attention…

Genuine attention from the man she’s attracted to. In which he lets her feel and experience that nothing escapes him.

By the way, did you know why women all over the world are massively attracted to Fifty Shades of Gray?

Ways to make a woman happy

If you are happy with yourself and with the woman in your life, she naturally deserves to be happy with you as well. There are 3 relatively easy ways to do this.

Do not hide your wishes & desires

The fisrt way to make a woman happy is to tell a woman what you want from her, and what your sincere intentions are.

A woman naturally likes to care. And a woman likes to know that she knows how to please the man she loves. Because that gives her an insanely good feeling about herself.

But then you have to tell her what you want from her.

You may have already experienced what happens when you fail to do this.

For example by:

  • Not doing things because she might think you are going too fast, or because she might think you want something from her.

The reason many men often try to ignore his feelings is the fear of rejection. And doing nothing, in this case, is the perfect way to keep the dream alive for a while.

However, you also know that doing nothing will always lead to getting nothing.

So why just not at least try something?

The chance that you will make the woman you like happy is many times greater than that you will disappoint her with it.

Make decisions & take responsibility

Women hate making decisions and taking responsibility for that decision. The seccond way to make a woman happy, then, is for you to make the decisions that affect you together.

However small and insignificant decisions may sometimes take them as a man… also the decision at which table to sit in a restaurant.

When you do that, you will notice that a woman will be instantly comfortable. While if you let her make the decision, chances are she’ll be left tossing and worrying about whether or not this was really the right table to sit at.

So make the decisions as a man.

You will see that it will make you much happier as well.

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This is the point: Give a woman your sincere attention

A sincere attention would be perfect to make a woman happy.

Yes, yes, I know: you are busy. Maybe even too busy. With work, tasks, responsibilities, your smartphone.

 A woman talks to you and you answer with grunts or hums.

You hear, but you don’t listen.

The sincere attention for a woman sometimes falls short.

That really occupies her… you may know broadly.

But you know…

It’s not about time. It’s about priority. Make time.

So leave your smartphone and sometimes leave that football match on TV for what it is.

Listening to a woman and showing an interest in what she thinks, feels, and interacts with are really forms of giving a woman genuine attention.

Be sure to keep asking what she is saying now and then.

Giving genuine attention also means that you really see and appreciate her as a person, not just as an attractive appearance.

Again, a woman wants to know that she knows how to please her husband. That is precisely why women are so sensitive.

A woman does a lot, just to please you. So let a woman know that you see it and really appreciate what she does for you.

Remember, some parts of attention you can do to make a woman happy;

# 1: Appreciation

Show that you appreciate a woman every now and then. If necessary, press it out, or – if that is difficult – write it on a note: “It’s great that you always do so much for a woman”.

In masculine language: express your appreciation.

# 2: Listen

Do you know what women often encounter in the male population?

Often women want to talk. They are usually not waiting for the solutions that you then offer.

Do you know what we women often find much more important?

Women want to feel understood and heard.

# 3: Compliments

If there is still something to conquer for a man, it takes him no effort at all: giving compliments.

It must be something hormonal.

You may think that “she now understands that she is beautiful or has those beautiful blue eyes”.

Because hey: haven’t you said that often enough?

The average woman’s heart likes to be warmed with sincere compliments about how good she looks.

She wants nothing more than to keep hearing that you still find her just as beautiful as before.

# 4: Surprise

Women are not as complicated as you think. Secretly they are still in love with unadulterated romance.

Surprises can also score big points.

This can come in all kinds of forms, but above all, it is important that you know what makes her happy.

Because nothing more annoying than a man who consistently comes home with the wrong color of flowers for years.

In fact, that can even save you some bonus points.

Surprises that score well: going out for dinner together, flowers (please do her favorite color and flowers), jewelry, love letter, weekend away (without revealing where to go), and theater visit.

How many ways to make a woman happy were already mentioned above? But now ….  How do you, as a man, become happy with a woman?

Do you think you could have found out quickly yourself, by hooking up to different women every week?

And wouldn’t you feel much happier with one woman?

Who knows exactly when you need what?

Who stands behind you and supports you in everything you do?

For whom you are a hero….

And who appreciates what you do for yourself and others?

Who simply takes very good care of you? So that you can perform optimally.

Who believes unconditionally in you?

Which is just always there for you?

Who loves you just the way you are?

Who understands you very well?

Who usually only needs one word or one look from you to understand what’s going on?

Who is simply your very best buddy?

Any healthy woman who is proud of being a woman can be this woman to a man.

All she desires in return is a man who is actually a man to her. A man who knows what being a man means in a relationship with a woman. A man who is proud to be a man. A man who is therefore not ashamed of his masculinity.

Answer the following questions for yourself:

  • How long did it take you to learn to walk?
  • How long did it take you to learn to ride a bike without training wheels?
  • How long did it take you to get your swimming certificate (s)?
  • How long did it take you to complete your schools, courses, and studies?
  • How long did it take you to get your driver’s license?
  • How long did it take you to become as good at your job as it is now?

We all now take for granted the abilities which are just mentioned.

There have been times when we would finally master those skills. And what kind of a world would open up for us.

Making the woman in your life happy is also a skill.

Having a happy relationship with a woman is, in principle, deadly simple.

You just have to make sure that a woman is happy with you. And because she feels happy, she will then do everything in her power to make you at least happy.

However, there is a small caveat here. Because to make someone else happy, you have to be happy with yourself first.

And you can only be happy with yourself when you accept yourself for who you are. That you know what your strengths are.

Also you know what your less good sides are.

Accept it and find a way to deal with it.

Do what you love to do with your life, and do what you know to make optimal use of your talents.

Many men seem to have succeeded in this without too many problems. While other men have, or have had, a little more trouble with that for whatever reason.

A woman is a perfect mirror of what a man radiates to the outside world.

That means that when you don’t feel so happy with yourself, you radiate it. And certainly towards women. Because they have a kind of sixth sense for that.

You won’t make a woman happy with your anger face.

No one is attracted to negative things.

This simply means that a woman will not be attracted to you if you are not happy with yourself.

Anyone can fake happiness for a while. And so you can feign your own happiness long enough to hit on a woman.

And if that is enough for you, you would be crazy to spend time finding your own happiness in life.

But if you want to be a man who really makes the woman in his life happy, you will first and foremost have to look for your own happiness in life.

The road to your own happiness may not be an easy one at times.

Life does not have easy slippery back roads where you always have the wind with you. If you really want to achieve something, then you have to be willing to take any road, no matter how bumpy, steep, and long.

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